Wild West Day at Camp Tall Timbers!

Yesterday was Wild West Day! YEE-HAW!

Wild West- Camp Tall Timbers is a place filled with mystery and wonder, flat deserts and steep canyons, milk and cookies, good and bad. It is up to y’all to brave these harsh lands and win the most prestige to make the Wild West- Camp Tall Timbers your own. But be wary: you’re not the only ones roaming these lands. Bandits and thieves hide around every corner, and if you’re not careful, they may take everything you have. Best of luck cowboys and cowgirls and just remember: Rootin’ Tootin’ and Shootin’!

This camp ain’t big enough for the four of us! Campers were split into the cowboys, sheriffs, outlaws, and pioneers, and moved through activities to find out which one of them was the best.

Cross the Desert

Campers needed to cross the desert (upper fields), but can’t touch the cacti (be tagged by other campers)! Once tagged you too become a cactus until one person is left standing gaining points for their team.

Water Horse Race

Each team sent out three campers in a canoe to go out into the lake, circle the counselor in the kayak, and come back first. Best out of three won!


Each team member would shoot once at riflery and the team with the best hits on the target won.

Canyon Gorge Run

This relay race included going down the slip-n-slide, weaving through torches, going under the parachute, and crab-walking to the finish. The team with the best time won.

Wild West Dance

Each team had to create a two-minute dance to a country song during both free swims and after dinner to perform at the social.


Presentation of dances and fun dancing!

In the end, the outlaws placed first (Travis, Porter, Franklin, Dylan. James, Matthew, David, Heath, Charlotte, Ingrid, Lily, Lily, Eliza, Maddie, Molly, Claire, Sara, Leighton, Emma, Drew, Skylar, Sydney, and Ruby), followed by the pioneers, cowboys, and sheriffs.

Signing off with a Can-do Attitude 🙂

Jami Siegal

Evening Activity Extravaganza!

Second session was filled with so many fun evening activities it was an evening activity extravaganza!! Here are just a few examples:

Zombie Apocalypse Night!

Last week campers were split into six groups to try and find a cure to an infectious disease causing an outbreak of zombies! Teams were sent through activities to gain power ups such as 2x points, freeze a zombie, ‘no bones’ a zombie, and revive a teammate to help win capture the flag on the golf hill!

These activities consisted of getting one bullseye, two in red, or three in blue at archery, climbing to the top of the climbing wall, getting fifteen soccer goals, getting two basketball hoops with defense, winning a game of volleyball against the zombies, and sending your whole team through the spider web without touching it.

Zombies were stationed at the bottom of the golf hill and each team would send two campers at a time to grab a paint bottle. If tapped by a zombie, then they became infected and became part of the zombies chasing after those trying to retrieve the flag! 

The team that retrieved the most flags in the end defeated the zombies and found a cure! Vance and Jami’s team won which consisted of Sydney Rob, Maddy, Skylar, Poppy, Chloe, Frederick, Chase, Jack, Heath, Thomas, and Iver. But the evening activity extravaganza didn’t end there!

Clue Night!

Tuesday night we had clue night! This activity consisted of teams of campers doing a scavenger hunt around camp and finding clues to figure out who ate the pudding, with what weapon, and where this horrendous crime took place.

Each team had to go to the lake campfire, pavilion, pool, frisbee golf hole, office porch, art shack, rec hall, gym mats, basketball courts, sports shed, soccer goal, golf putting green, archery, climbing wall, and the entrance sign. At each of these locations there was an envelope hidden with certain locations, people, and weapons, which would then be crossed off, and then through the process of elimination the last one in each category is the correct answer to the mystery.

Throughout this hunt teams had the ability to gain power cards which consisted of blackmail – the ability to ask a team to reveal one of their cards to you; bribery – the ability to trade this power card for one of theirs; friendly wager – ability to wager a certain number of cars and play rock-paper-scissors with the losing team revealing the number of cards wagered to the winning team; and investigate a theory – the ability to ask a team one person, place, and weapon and if they have one of those they must show you.

The first team to complete the scavenger hunt with the correct answer and win was Harold’s team which consisted of Mackenzie, Serena, Natalia, Malcom, Jacob, and Timmy. In the end we found that Vance ate the pudding at the gym mats with the fancy spoon!

Citrus Night!

Sunday night we had a camp favorite evening activity citrus night! Each team of counselors picked campers’ names out of a hat to randomly create a team. After picking teams each team also randomly picked an orange which determined how much money they could spend at the auction. Items such as: a tube from the art shack, box, broken water gun, baseball, etc. were sold, but teams were not told what these objects would be used for in the end. 

Throughout this auction teams were able to gain more money if they were wearing citrus colors and through citrus wammies, which are challenges (mostly) with oranges. These included bocce, bucket throw and dunking a counselor with the cold water, two person toss, peeling an orange the fastest, squeezing the most juice out, making a song about an orange, worshipping an orange, and a lemon juice shot. 

Once all of the items were sold each team had to build something to protect the orange when getting hit with a baseball bat with the items they bought and tape. In the end, Rosalie and Alex’s team came away with the victory! What an incredible evening activity extravaganza!

Signing off with a Can-do Attitude 🙂

Jami Siegal

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We’re ‘Fired Up’ For Second Session!

As we sadly said goodbye to our first session campers, we happily welcomed our second session campers here at your favorite Summer Camp in West Virginia – Camp Tall Timbers!

Second Session 2022: July 11, 2022

The three week session has an abundance of returning campers who were extremely excited to see each other, and some new faces who have quickly acclimated to camp life and have already made new friends! 

After a bustling morning of camper arrivals we had a yummy lunch and unpacked and then moved on to our introductory camp activities. The weather was sunny so we were able to have campers swim, play tennis, do challenge games, archery, and meet the nurse all while bonding with their cabin/tent mates.

Our evening activity was the famous welcome campfire at the lake where we all sang camp songs, learned the friends song and CTT hug, and made skits to introduce ourselves. Each skit had to include a random object given to them and use it not for its intended use and everyone’s names. It was a close competition but boys’ tents won (Quinn, Adam, Carter, Chase, Bruno, Alex, Lawson, Grayson, Charlie, Frederick, Graham, and Ben), followed by cabin 7 for second (Hugh, Jacob, Heath, Zach, Ryan, David), and Cabin B for third (Rachel, Abigail, Adele, Chloe, Guinevere, and Juliana). This fun night was concluded by each cabin/tent group making s’mores!

Keep a look out for a ‘Good Morning Tall Timbers’ later this week for video footage of this night! 

Signing off with a Can-do Attitude 🙂

Jami Siegal    

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Movie in 5 minutes

Sunday, July 19th 2015


Hi guys! It’s been a busy weekend! Friday night, we did Movie in Five Minutes for an evening activity. Each cabin drew a movie out of a hat. They also had to draw a celebrity name out of a hat. The cabins then had to act out the movie (in five minutes) and somehow incorporate the celebrity into the skit.


Yesterday, for Saturday Activity we did World Domination Day! The camp was divided into four teams. Each team picked a color, and they were given a continent. The teams were Asia, Antarctica, Australia, and Africa. There were a ton of mini-activities planned. Each activity was set up in a different area of camp. For example, minefield was set up in the gym. The teams picked one leader, and everyone else was blindfolded. There were a variety of things lying in the team’s path, and the leader had to guide them through it without anyone stepping on anything. Whichever team won this activity was given the gym as property.


There was stations set up at the soccer field, baseball field, lake, etc. Whenever a team won an activity, they inherited that property. At the lake, the kiddos had to canoe out to the middle (with lifejackets, don’t worry) and wrestle over a greased watermelon. That was a camper favorite!


After all of the property activities, each team was given a flag to hide at one of their spots. We played a camp-wide game of capture the flag. The teams who had done better in the activities had more places to hide their flag. In the end, Australia (the blue team) won!


For an evening activity, the kiddos had a social. Each of the girls took off one shoe and put it in the middle of the gym. Each boy had to walk up and choose a shoe. The owner of the shoe was whom they were to dance with. It was a fun night!


It’s Lynn’s (counselor) birthday! Her tent girls were waiting for her to come back from her off night last night. They had signs for her. A bunch of campers made banners and brought them to breakfast. It was so sweet.


Today, we are back on a normal schedule. The girls are at Girl Power Hour, and it’ll be a good day of activities. The weather is supposed to be nice today! Tonight, the older campers are going bowling! The younger kiddos will be able to go Tuesday.