3 Week Session

The foundation of our camp is the 3-week session for 1st through 10th graders. Featuring an exciting opening, a strong middle and fantastic finish, this session captures the total camp experience. Campers adjust to camp life while experiencing all that camp offers. With an emphasis on independence through decision making, campers learn new skills, make new friends and gain confidence. Participation in our special programs, including color war and an amusement park trip, are highlights of this session.

July 12–August 1: $3800


2 Week Session

Another popular option for 1st through 10th graders is our 2-week session. These are fast-paced sessions that include all camp activities, as well as evening campfires, cabin nights and some select special programs. In our beautiful natural setting, campers focus on building lasting friendships and fostering independence while creating a community through a collaborative living experience in an “unplugged” environment.


June 28–July 11: $2,675


August 2–August 15: $2,675

1 Week Session

This program is designed for campers who have completed 1st through 8th grade. A lot happens in a week as campers experience a taste of all that we have to offer, including all camp activities and sports programs. This session provides excitement and fun “away from the everyday.”

June 21–June 27: $1,375 


Extended Programs

SESSION 1 (5 Weeks):

June 28 –August 1: $6,000

SESSION 2 (5 Weeks):

July 12–August 15: $6,000

SESSION 3 (7 Weeks):

June 28–August 15: $8,300

“I have been home for less than 48 hours and I feel as if I still should be at camp. This session was one of the best I have been to. The memories made at camp are the ones we cherish and hold onto until we return to camp.”
-- Justin