Until We Meet Again

August 15, 2013

When you are in school or at a job, two weeks can go on for what feels like years, but when you get to camp, two weeks goes by in what feels like a millisecond. The days feel long and filled with activities but before you know it, it’s all over just like that. In a short period of time, we’re back at school and all we can really do is look back.

So when I sit in my classes occasionally taking notes and staring at the clock, I will look back and remember Oliver Walke telling me every free swim that he was going to go play Frisbee golf and every lunch hearing about how he got an unbelievably good score that I am jealous of. I will remember at Granny’s Candy, how Aidan Trinity ran around every building at camp to get his balloon to base. There’s no forgetting, no matter how much I try, Meier Parr doing the truffle shuffle in Dance Thru the Decades. I won’t forget how Claire Schmitt, Tasha Pressler, and Sasha Coates-Park picked up a guitar and played it like Hendrix after just a couple of lessons, just like how I won’t forget learning to say otter in Spanish (nutria) thanks to Pablo Heredia, Kelt Van Meurs, Juan Diego Granai, and Juan Miguel Fernandez. Nobody can forget Greg Sheyn’s pigeon impression nor can they forget Will Tannebaum’s incredible ability to play baseball. Whether it is Reid Madison being spectacular at literally everything he does or Simon Rosenthal twerking, there’s no forgetting Third Session 2013.

And that’s what makes your time at CTT so special. While climbing the wall or scoring a goal is always enjoyable, and winning a skit night is a prize no award can ever replicate, it’s the memories you make here, the friends you have and hold on to, and the stories you can tell for years to come that give that lasting impression that makes camp home. Whether it is your first year in cabin 3 when your biggest accomplishment is getting an announcement or when you are a counselor and your biggest accomplishment is remembering to make an announcement, it is the people you encounter and grow with and the memories that you keep and tell stories about for years to come that make this little camp in High View, West Virginia just so great. After ten immensely incredible years here, I can safely say that there is no better place to spend a majority of your life than Camp Tall Timbers.

So with this final blog entry of Third Session 2013 I say farewell. For the past three years, I have been able to basically write about my life and time here at CTT, which has been made exponentially better with everything your kids have done. I love the comments daily about what you are thinking, and hearing from your children that you like the blog, it means a lot. Once again, thanks, goodbye, and be prepared for some stories and smiles and a countdown with less than 364 days to CTT 2014. We’re all waiting with anticipation. Wohelo.

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