Murder Mystery!

July 6, 2016

Good morning!


Last night’s evening activity was Murder Mystery! We tricked the campers into thinking it was another Cabin Activity Night. When the cabins and tent groups went to grab their canteen, Jim came down from the basketball court on the Gator. Joey was in the back with ketchup all over him. Jim told us he’d been shot! The campers and counselors gathered around to see. There were several stations set up where the campers could get information and clues to what happened. After the groups went to their first station, the bell rang. Jenna and Brooke ran out carrying Brynn (me). She’d been poisoned! Once again, the campers and counselors gathered around. They continued going to the stations, interviewing counselors and administration. After they’d been to all of the stations, each group wrote down what they thought happened.


I have so many announcements. Kevin and Marc won the camper bracket of our tennis tournament! This morning, they received their shirts. Sam, Xavier, Jesse, and Anders all won the game of Jail in tennis! Clarisse and Simon both made it all the way down the big golf hill during mountain boarding. Leyden made it to the top of the difficult side of the climbing wall! Josselin and Sam both hit the target in archery; Sam’s arrow hit the blue ring! Josselin also swam in the deep end of the pool for the very first time!


This morning, there were five new campers in dance class. I’m proud to say that Clarisse, Nela, and Mayson stepped up to teach them the dance and get them caught up. When someone was a little behind, they stayed positive and corrected them. It was the sweetest thing.

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