Superheroes vs. Supervillians

July 12, 2016

This weekend was full of fun activities! Saturday’s theme was Superheroes vs. Supervillains. David dressed up as “Evil Night Man”. They goal of the day was to take him down. The other counselors dressed as superheroes. The camp was divided into four teams, each with a different color.

At the lake, each team had to send three members across the lake to retrieve foam letters. When they came back, three other campers were sent. After they had brought back all of the letters, they had to unscramble them to find the word JUSTICE.

There was also a high ropes activity and an egg and spoon race.

Later on, each team was given a superman t-shirt that was frozen in a block of ice. The teams raced to melt the ice. A team member had to wear the t-shirt.

Another activity was a water balloon toss. Someone would throw a water balloon to their team member. If that person caught the balloon without it popping, they could throw it at “Evil Night Man”, who was being driven around in the Gator.

Since the day was especially hot, the entire camp had a pool party. Each team came up with a skit showing how they would defeat “Evil Night Man”. There was a social at the end of the day, where we found out that a lot of people on camp have hidden talents when it comes to dancing.

The green team came out on top! (Jesse, Devon, Lucie, Alexie, Clarisse, Isabella, Clara, Redick, Juan B, Sean, Simon, Ivan, and Marc)

There is a lot going on this week. We’re going to have so much fun. Tomorrow, we are going to Hershey Park. The kiddos signed up yesterday for which kinds of rides they want to go on. We’ll leave in the morning; we’ll spend the entire day there. Wednesday night will be the talent show, and Color War will be Thursday and Friday. Friday night, we’ll have our camp banquet. These couple of weeks have gone by so quickly. It’s crazy that these kids are leaving at the end of this week! This is such a great group of kids. I don’t want them to go!  —

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