Session 2- the fun begins…

July 20, 2016

Hello parents, friends, and family of second session campers! I’m Brynn, and I’ll be updating you this summer on what your campers will be up to! I’m from right around Chicago. This is my second summer here at Camp Tall Timbers. I’ll be posting what evening activities we will do, as well as announcing some of the accomplishments the campers will make.

On July 17th, our second session campers arrived! It was nice to see so many returning campers.

Campers have chosen their activities and we are having a blast!

The first day of activities was a lot of fun! In tennis, Freddi beat Noah in the game of Jail. Ella S won Around the World in horses with a time of 5 seconds! In drama class, Hugh had the most dramatic death scene. In her swimming class, Candy had the best front stroke.

A few nights ago, we played a giant game of Cops and Robbers! The camp was divided into teams of robbers. There were a ton of stations set up all around camp. We had counselors set up at basketball, soccer, archery, volleyball, the pool, the gym mats, and the rec hall. At each station, the teams had to complete activities in order to receive a balloon. They then had to avoid the cops (CIT’s: Ethan, Ian, Aiden and Tre) and get the balloon into the safe zone.

The winning team was Ben, Brynn, Ellie, Ella P, Taryn, Noah, Spencer, Nastya, and Robert C.

Today, we have another day of activities. It’s our first “B” day, so everyone is going to new activities! So far, Hugh shot two bullseyes in archery.

Tonight, our evening activity is Gold Rush! One of the counselors, David, has it all set up. We’re excited to see the outcome! More tomorrow!

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