Welcome 3rd Session

August 9, 2016

Monday, 8/8/16

Hi there! My name is Brynn, and I’ll be updating you on what your kiddos will be up to for the next two weeks! Yesterday, we welcomed a new group of campers. This is the biggest group we’ve had this summer, and we’re more than ready for them. They’ve all brought so much positive energy, and I’m already excited for this session. After we ate lunch, the campers were able to try out tennis, swimming, and archery while they waited to make their schedules. At scheduling, they walked around to see which activities were offered and customized their days!


Last night, we had our first campfire of the session! After dinner, we all walked down the lake hill to the campfire. The kids picked up sticks for marshmallows on the way down. When we were all seated around the fire, each cabin/tent group came up with a skit! Each skit had to contain a certain prop, and everyone’s name had to be mentioned at least once. After we had seen everyone’s introduction skits, we roasted marshmallows to make s’mores. By this time, it was already 9:00 and time for the little ones to get ready for bed. The younger groups started to make their way up the hill back to their cabins.


The campers received copies of their schedules at breakfast. After cabin cleanup, the camp was split into Girl Power Hour and Boys’ Leagues. This is just a time where all the boys in camp and all the girls in camp can get together and bond. It’s nice to see the veteran campers kind of take the younger ones under their wings. It’s good for the little ones to have positive examples to look up to. Tonight, we are doing a counselor hunt as our evening activity! I’ll write you all tomorrow to let you know how that goes! 

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