Monday, August 15

August 16, 2016

Hi everyone! Olivia and Catie made it to the top of the climbing wall! Hailey and Hailee both shot bullseyes in archery. Kevin mountain biked to the top of the lake hill. Yesterday was a letter writing day, so you all better be receiving letters from your campers!

Last night, our evening activity was Jive Through the Genres. At lunchtime, each cabin/tent group drew a genre out of a hat. With that genre, they had to create a dance to perform. All of the dances were pretty great, but the top two were Cabin A (90’s pop), who performed “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera, and Boys’ Tents (musicals), who did an amazing rendition of “Magic” from Pitch Perfect and “Bop to the Top” from High School Musical.

The Cabin A girls were adorable! They all popped out from behind a banner with a painted genie bottle on it. They all had their hair in high genie ponytails. Sammy really brought the attitude (no surprise there!), and they put Ellie up in a cheerleading stunt.

Boys’ Tents killed it. They were so funny. I love that they are all so into performances. They added some really cool effects; Owen was the lead on “Magic”. When he came forward to “sing”, a couple boys blew some baby powder to form a cloud. Then Oliver came forward to do the rap. Every single one of them gave it their all.

For the tie-breaker, each group was given three minutes to put together another dance. The Cabin A girls pulled a bigger stunt, and the other girls showed the tumbling they’d worked on during Cheerleading class. Boys’ Tents did the same. They threw Simon up in a basket toss, then Adin M and Simon attempted a Texas Twister (partner stunting trick). They had a ton of energy. In the end, the judges gave the win to Boys’ Tents, making it their third win in a row.

This morning, we are doing clinics! We use this time to focus on specific skills. Each camper was able to sign up for which two clinics he/she wanted to take. This time, we are offering tennis, swimming, singing, wrestling, and wilderness survival. Every camper got their first and second choices! We’ve brought someone in from Super Splashers to teach swimming technique. Our own tennis pro, Dwayne, is teaching the tennis clinics. One of our counselors, Stevie, studies music in Newcastle. She’ll be teaching the singing class. Jon, another counselor, will be at the gym mats showing the campers the correct way to wrestle. The biggest draw for these clinics is wilderness survival. It’s being taught by two Eagle Scouts and another counselor. The kids are really excited about this one.

Tonight, our evening activity is Monte Carlo Night/Counselor Auction. We’ll have the gym set up sort of like a casino. They’ll start out with some money, and they’ll try to win more. At the end of the night, the money they have left can be used to “buy a counselor”. The counselors have each offered something up for auction. Some things are actually pretty valuable, like a lesson in a certain sport. Other things are not-so-serious, like a pie in the face. One counselor is letting the kids dump a bucket of water on her head. It should be pretty comical. 

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