Summer 2017- Away from the Everyday

October 7, 2016

Imagine endless summer days, tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now, imagine the freedom to choose the activities you want to do. The possibilities are unlimited. A swim in the lake? Horseback riding? Scaling the climbing wall? That’s what Camp Tall Timbers is all about. It’s a place for athletics, social time, creative arts and drama. It’s a place to make friends, to try new things. At Camp Tall Timbers we believe camp is about meeting new challenges, making new friends and having fun.

Our philosophy is deeply infused in all that we do. We know what kids want. Since our founding in 1970, we strive to:

Improve and develop social and interpersonal skills

Promote campers’ self-esteem

Help campers appreciate nature’s wonders

Allow campers to experience working and living as a team

Give campers an environment to expand their independence

Provide the opportunity for campers to set goals, learn new skills and challenge themselves

Help campers make one new friend a day

There are many overnight camps to choose from but Camp Tall Timbers is a special place. We offer an incredible array of activities that reflect the interests of today’s young people,  but what Camp Tall Timbers is really about is time-honored values — honesty, friendship, skill-building, respect, teamwork, confidence, creativity, and self discovery. For over 45 years, our campers have returned to us summer after summer. Former campers, now parents themselves, entrust their children to us. Our campers build a community and learn to be responsible for themselves as well as their fellow campers. They learn to prioritize and make decisions about how they will spend their days, choosing the activities they want. We foster independence every step of the way. Most importantly, we do this without the distraction of cell phones, video games or TV. Our campers have the opportunity to nurture their social skills and make deep, long-lasting friendships. The self-confidence in their ability to meet challenges, take responsibility and become independent thinkers gives them skills to be successful as they age out of camp and become successful adults.

Join us for the 47th season at our award-winning camp. Registration is open for Summer 2017. Camp Tall Timbers allows our campers to unplug and get away from the everyday.

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