Giving the Gift of Camp at Camp Tall Timbers


From Christmas to Kwanzaa, Hanukkah to New Years, and birthdays scattered throughout, the winter months always bring with them the gift giving season. If any of these special occasions have you searching for the perfect gift for your child, consider giving the gift of camp at Camp Tall Timbers this summer! We’re sure the gift of camp is going to bring a smile to your child’s face because the best gifts really aren’t objects at all— they’re experiences. It’s not just us saying it; there’s a significant amount of scientific research backing up the fact that humans form richer, stronger memories tied to adventures and experiences compared to memories attributed to material objects. 

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

For starters material goods break and wither over time, while the memories and friendships made at camp can last a lifetime. With that being the case, the gift of camp truly is a gift that keeps on giving for your child. What’s most exciting is that this isn’t just a one-off gift, it’s the beginning of something much greater than that. The aforementioned scientific research conducted by Thomas Gilovich with the Cornell Department of Psychology, concludes that people may think about future experiences in more abstract ways, which actually makes them seem more significant and more gratifying. As we enter the height of the harsh winter months, we think it is especially important to give your child something great to look forward to. What better way to beat the cold than to daydream of warm days out on the lake or horseback riding in the summer sunshine!

An Experience Entirely Unique to your Child 

Some of Gilovich’s earlier studies show that another reason that experiences are a better purchase for attaining happiness is that people are less likely to compare their experience to someone else’s. Looking at it from a different angle helps to demonstrate why this is the case. Would you rather have a higher salary that is lower than that of your peers, or a lower salary that is higher than your peers? Though this is a fairly subjective question, researchers found that the large majority of people would choose to have a lower salary that is higher in comparison to their peers. This is because of the way humans are hardwired to think. We are predisposed to compare our material possessions to others in order to determine our own relative worth or value. For kids, it can be the same story with Holiday presents. Kids are very likely to compare their gifts to others, with material gifts like bikes or new game systems constantly being flaunted for superiority. Conversely, researchers found the opposite was true for experiences with most people opting to take more vacation time even if it was lower than what their peers received. This shows that experiences can’t be compared from one person to another and thus actually have more innate value. Your child’s camp experience will be completely unique to them. It will carry its own value that is so special to them that it cannot possibly be diminished through the usual tactic of comparisons that happens with material gifts. 

Sharing the Gift of Camp at Camp Tall Timbers

Even though each child’s camp experience is entirely unique, it doesn’t mean that the gift of camp is something to consider exclusively for your child. For many with a strong sense of community, giving season goes beyond gifts just for family. Recommend the gift of camp to friends, neighbors, fellow PTA parents, and anyone else you know who can brighten their child’s life with the gift of camp.

Whether you plan on sharing the gift of camp with your own family or others close to you, Camp Tall Timbers is here to answer all of your questions along the way to ensure that every camper has the best experience possible. For questions, please contact us at (301) 874-0111 or email us at so that we can help you provide memories to last a lifetime this holiday season. 

A Drive Away from the Everyday at Camp Tall Timbers Summer Camp


Located in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, Camp Tall Timbers summer camp provides a summer getaway where boys and girls ages 7-16 can come to unwind, enjoy the great outdoors, and make new friends along the way. Our camp experience promotes independence, socialization, skill-building, confidence, creativity, and self-discovery in a safe and nurturing environment. We are proud of the fact that families across the country entrust us to take care of their children and provide them with this experience. We work hard to have a national presence, but we are especially proud to have become a top summer destination for campers from Mid-Atlantic states. Exploring A drive away from the everyday, we wanted to take a look at a few of the benefits that families in the region stand to gain from sending their kids to a sleep away camp near home. 

Easy access grants peace of mind 

Camp Tall Timbers is a convenient drive from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Dulles Airport. Our convenient location makes camp a breeze to get to and that accessibility is a major benefit for our families on many levels. For starters, it cuts down on drive time making the trip to and from camp each year as easy as possible on our campers— with a scenic drive along the way to boot! We also find that our accessibility gives our campers and families the peace of mind to be able to enjoy a worry-free summer. One of the greatest benefits sleep away camp provides is the restored sense of independence that it instills in a young child being away from home. Becoming more independent is an extremely important part of every child’s life journey. As liberating as it is to be off on their own for the summer, it can be stressful for younger children at the same time. At Camp Tall Timbers, we provide our Mid-Atlantic campers with a taste of true independence without having them feel like they are completely out on their own. In the case of an emergency, campers and parents could still be together within a few hours drive— Not that we ever anticipate emergency situations, but then again who does. It is a fine line to tow, but the goal is to let the campers feel like they are off on their own in the camp bubble, while also knowing that there is a safety net to fall back on should an issue arise. Our central location gives Camp Tall Timbers the perfect happy medium of the two, so that parents and campers in the DMV and greater Mid-Atlantic region can enjoy their summers apart without worry. Our location is also great for the pocketbook compared to the travel costs some families run into when forced to use planes, trains, and buses to get their children to their final destination. Being a drive away saves money getting to and from camp at the bookends of each session, plus additional trips for family weekends or other parental visits. 

Friendships that last 

Camp Tall Timbers summer camp is also not just about any one camper; it is a social experience. Camp provides kids with chances to make new friendships that can last a lifetime, and we think those bonds are even stronger when we are able to pull campers from such similar areas around the Mid-Atlantic. Campers from the same areas arrive on day 1 already sharing common-ground, and these shared experiences make it easier to bond and form friendships. For some, it could be a love of the same sports team. For others, long days and weekend trips spent at their favorite destinations like Hershey Park or Shenandoah Valley. Even down to a shared love for cracking crabs and spending time out on the Chesapeake, we see every summer how these little connections can go a long way building social relationships between campers. 

We care about our campers, and we want their camp connections to be meaningful. The best friendships are the ones that carry on even after the sessions have ended, which is why it is such a big plus for our campers when they make friends who are from the same areas as they are. It allows them to be together year-round, linking up in the winter and spring months for fun events like camp reunions, weekend trips, and birthday parties. Even after their time at Camp Tall Timbers comes to an end, we still see our campers staying in touch and finding ways to meet up with other camp alums in their area.  

Nestled in the scenic heart of Hampshire County, Camp Tall Timbers provides our camp families with an accessible drive away from the everyday. If you are a parent in the Mid-Atlantic region looking for a sleepaway camp that near by, where your child can make lasting memories and lifelong friendships, look no further than Camp Tall Timbers. Visit our Summer Sessions page to learn more about our rates and dates for this upcoming summer. 


Don’t Sleep on Sleep Away Camp


For many who attend, overnight summer camps are an unforgettable experience full of personal growth and lasting memories. Activities from zip lining to rock climbing give the kids a unique opportunity to branch out from their comfort zones, while the bunk lifestyle brings campers together to forge lasting friendships. Many parents don’t realize that registration is already open, with spots filling up fast. While we do encourage our parents to sign up before rates increase, we also understand that some families need more information to know if sleep away camp is the right fit for their children. 

How Overnight Summer Camp Can Help Your Child 

It’s not all just fun and games. Dr. Peter Scales received his PhD in Child and Family Studies in 1976 from the University of Syracuse. Since then, he has distinguished himself as an author, educator, and field expert when it comes to developmental psychology. According to the American Camp Association, Dr. Scales believes that “camps are one of the few institutions where young people can experience and satisfy their need for physical activity, creative expression and true participation in a community environment. [They] help young people discover and explore their talents, interests, and values. Most schools don’t satisfy all these needs. Kids who have had these kinds of experiences end up being healthier and have less problems”. Some of the obvious reasons why camp supports these developmental needs— which are not fully satisfied by the current educational system— include fresh air, increased exercise, and an emphasis on personal interactions rather than technology and screen time. Additionally, the structured days are designed to balance routine activities with free time blocks, which teaches campers about effective time management. Children who acquire all these things through progressive experience will be better prepared for adulthood and are shown to be healthier overall. Family therapist Dr. Michael Popkin has also commented on the importance of sleep away camps for kids, stating that one of overnight summer camp’s greatest benefits is that it empowers young people to find and cultivate their interests, values, and talents. It comes at no surprise that children are more prepared for adult life based on their camp experiences. Sleep away camp shows campers how to take care of themselves and manage their lives independently from their parents early on, compared to some other kids who do not learn to be self-sufficient until much later on in life. Not only does camp teach children these life skills, but it also builds their confidence in their abilities through experiential learning. 

Camp Tall Timbers Adapts with the Times 

Clearly there are plenty of developmental benefits to sleep away camp, however the COVID 19 pandemic has forced many families to question if the benefits outweigh the risks. Camp Tall Timbers has the solution! In the summer of 2021, we were one of the few overnight summer camps to welcome campers without a single case of COVID-19. Our Director, Glenn Smith, created a safe bubble environment by implementing thorough safety precautions designed to protect Camp Tall Timbers’ campers, staff, and families. You can see a full rundown of Glenn’s COVID Safety Plan here. These precautionary steps allowed us to run sessions that were safe without sacrificing any of the authenticity that make camp so special. We are thrilled that the 2021 summer sessions were so well received, and we can’t wait to build on that success for an even better experience in 2022!

Onward and Forward!

Do you want to learn more about how your child could have this experience? Looking ahead, Camp Tall Timbers is running bigger and better sessions in 2022, while still focusing on safety as a top priority. As part of that mission, the Tall Timbers family wants everyone interested to be able to have a taste of the camp experience for themselves, right from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Sign up today to partake in our virtual open house and see if overnight summer camp is the right choice for your happy camper.

Time to Start Packing – Summer is Here!

It’s time to start getting ready for the best overnight summer camp in West Virginia – Camp Tall Timbers! Here’s your packing list to get started. We can’t wait to see you soon!




  • 10 pairs pants (7 short, 3 long)
  • 10 T-shirts or Polo shirts
  • 2 Camp Tall Timbers T-shirts
  • 2 sweatshirts or sweaters
  • 1 jacket
  • 2 pairs of tennis shoes
  • 1 pair sturdy shoes
  • 1 pair rubber shoes for shower & pool
  • 1 pair wet weather shoes/boots
  • 10 pairs of socks
  • 10 pairs underwear
  • 1 pair lightweight pajamas
  • 1 pair heavy pajamas
  • 2 bathing suits
  • 1 poncho or raincoat & hat
  • 1 baseball cap


  • 3-4 towels
  • 2 washcloths
  • 2 laundry bags
  • 1 flashlight + extra batteries & bulb
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • hairbrush
  • toiletry articles (toothbrush & paste, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • shower caddy
  • stationery, postcards (pre -addressed for younger children), stamps, pens
  • sleeping bag
  • water bottle


  • camera
  • books
  • fun costume (e.g. Halloween)
  • musical instruments
  • music player (e.g. ipod etc)
  • 1 “nice” sports outfit for banquet (NOT coat/tie)
  • riding boots (or shoes with a 1″ heel) and a helmet
  • tennis racquet
  • Your child’s own safety helmet is recommended.
    We provide all athletic and sporting equipment but your child is welcome to bring their own as
    long as it is labelled!


The packing list is long but you don’t want to forget anything. Crossing off each item as clothes and shoes are laid out let’s you know how far down the list you’ve come and how much more you must go.  It’s crazy how counting out 10 pairs of pants, 10 t-shirts, 10 pairs of socks, 10 pairs of underwear can get you revved up for the summer adventure awaiting you at Camp Tall Timber, the best overnight summer camp in West Virginia. Whether you are a first-time camper or an experienced veteran, readying the clothes you’re going to bring to camp can unleash all kinds of emotions. For our returning campers, the excitement is real. Overnight summer camp is a known entity. Summer friends will soon be reunited, there will be new activities to try, new people, to meet. For first time campers, preparing for overnight summer camp can be overwhelming. Sure, there is excitement but there are nerves and anxiety too as all the “what if…” scenarios run through your head – What if nobody talks to me? What if I don’t like the food? What if I don’t like the activities? What if I get homesick? This is where you can take a deep breath and relax. Our experienced staff is well-trained for any eventuality. Most importantly, as our experienced campers know, our staff is there when you need them to make your time at Camp Tall Timbers your best summer ever!

Camp Tall Timbers Family Camp: Packing List

Welcome to Camp Tall Timbers Family Camp, the best summer camp in West Virginia! We are thrilled to have you here for our overnight summer camp experience. Our team of dedicated counselors and staff are ready to provide you with an unforgettable summer filled with fun and adventure. Whether you’re looking to make new friends, learn new skills, or simply enjoy the great outdoors, Camp Tall Timbers Family CAmp has everything you need. Before you start your adventure, be sure to review the packing list to ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. We can’t wait to see all the amazing memories that you will create during your time with us!

Click on the link below to print a copy of the Camp Tall Timbers Family Camp Packing List.

7-13 Family Camp Packing List

Clothing & Personal Accessories



Long pants

Warm (fleece) Jacket, Sweater or Sweatshirt

Rain gear




Bathing Suits


Baseball hat


Beach/Water shoes/Flip Flops/Slides

Rain Boots (optional)



In an effort to reduce the risk on camp, we are

recommending that families bring their own athletic equipment if possible.

Tennis Rackets

Tennis Balls*


Soccer Ball*

Fishing Rod*

Baseball Gloves

Camp Chairs

Water Bottle

Flashlight with batteries

Fans (battery-operated or plug-in)


Twin Sheets*


Pillow(s)/Pillow cases*

Bath Towels

Beach Towels

*Needed for each family member and can be provided upon request.








Bug Spray

Daily Medication

OTC Medication

Rx Medications (i.e. EPI-Pens &  Inhalers)

Required at Camp

Face Masks*

Hand Sanitizer*


White shirts and clothes for tie-dye

Goggles for swimming


Musical Instruments

Tight-sealing cooler for personal drinks

and snacks (we’ll supply the ice)

Note: items with an asterisks (*) may be requested while at camp

Thank you for choosing Camp Tall Timbers Family Camp as your summer camp destination. We look forward to creating unforgettable memories with you! Looking for our overnight summer camp packing list? Find it here!

Hello Campers, Parents and Alumni

Of course, I hope that this note finds you, your family and your friends in good health.  I will not spend your valuable time telling you how to wash your hands and practice social distancing, etc.  I am sure you are doing whatever is necessary to keep yourself and others safe.

Why would I be so confident that you are doing the right things at this critical time?  Because you are a part of the Camp Tall Timbers Family.  Whether a current camper, family member, staff or alumni; you know what it is like to show compassion for others, work with a group to achieve a common goal, organize and show enthusiasm in all that you do.  You are the people that others will look up to during this critical time.   I am convinced that the foundations of your camp experience will be helpful over the next few weeks.

As far as summer camp in West Virginia goes, we are working hard to prepare for our 50th summer.  Hiring staff, making improvements, building and cleaning up.  We have worked on our activity calendar and started to gather the supplies we need to support our program.  We did a lot of painting and improvement work in the Fall so the usual wet weather of the Spring will not be a factor in our preparations.

We are closely monitoring the implications of Covid-19 and will continue to keep in touch with any updates and information should any of the events encroach on our camp schedule.

In the meantime, you, your families and everyone around you, healthy and safety should be the paramount objective at this time.  Should anyone here at Camp Tall Timbers be able to help you in any way please contact us.  I can be reached at or via phone at 301-874-0111.


Be Safe,

Camp Tall Timbers is your #1 summer camp in West Virginia!

Camp Tall Timbers is your #1 summer camp in West Virginia year after year because we care. Visit our website today to learn why!

Celebrating 50 years of Camp Fun!

We welcome Summer 2020 at Camp Tall Timbers, your #1 summer camp in West Virginia as voted by you in the best of Bethesda awards. It brings us great joy as we celebrate 50 years of camping fun! As we begin this year, we want to thank all of our campers, counselors and staff– for helping us reach this milestone.

Your friendship, talent and enthusiasm have helped Camp Tall Timbers continue its mission: to be a welcoming, friendly and encouraging place for summers filled with learning, growing, laughing and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Our first campers have their own families now, many of whom have sent their own children to spend the summer with us. We are grateful for all of our wonderful alumni, campers and friends, who have become part of our Camp Tall Timbers Family.

We feel fortunate each and every summer as we meet our returning and new campers who come to us for summer fun, new and old friendships, awesome experiences, caring counselors and a chance to unplug and connect.

As we begin 2020 we are looking forward to a new summer filled with amazing campers, their families, staffing team and the endless possibilities the Camp Tall Timbers experience will provide.

Away from the Everyday. Our very best to you and your families for much happiness, good health and joyful 2020.

Woheelo, (translation: friendship everlasting)


Learn why everyone voted for Camp Tall Timbers in the best of Bethesda awards. We are your #1 summer camp in West Virginia. Explore current camp openings today!

Summer is here- Packing Count Down Begins

Anticipation has been building for months and camp session 1 is kicked off and it’s time to start packing for session 2, 3… at Camp Tall Timbers!

The packing list is long but you don’t want to forget anything. Crossing off each item as clothes and shoes are laid out let’s you know how far down the list you’ve come and how much more you must go.  It’s crazy how counting out 10 pairs of pants, 10 t-shirts, 10 pairs of socks, 10 pairs of underwear can get you revved up for the summer adventure awaiting you at Camp Tall Timbers. Whether you are a first-time camper or an experienced veteran, readying the clothes you’re going to bring to camp can unleash all kinds of emotions. For our returning campers, the excitement is real. Sleep away camp is a known entity. Summer friends will soon be reunited, there will be new activities to try, new people, to meet. For first time campers, preparing for sleep away camp can be overwhelming. Sure, there is excitement but there are nerves and anxiety too as all the “what if…” scenarios run through your head – What if nobody talks to me? What if I don’t like the food? What if I don’t like the activities? What if I get homesick? This is where you can take a deep breath and relax. Our experienced staff is well-trained for any eventuality. Most importantly, as our experienced campers know, our staff is there when you need them to make your time at Camp Tall Timbers your best summer ever!

Okay, all the items in multiples of 10 have been readied. Now there are 3 bathing suits and 3 sweatshirts. This is becoming a counting game! 2 Camp Tall timbers t-shirts to order from the website, 2 pairs of sneakers, 2 pairs of lightweight pajamas, 2 laundry bags, 1 jacket, 1 pair of sturdy shoes, 1 pair heavyweight pajamas, 1 pair of rubber shoes, 1 poncho or raincoat, 1 pair of rain boots, 1 Camp Tall Timbers baseball cap to order from the website. That’s all the wearables but, there are still towels and washcloths and a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo, a flashlight with batteries, stationery and pens, sleeping bag and water bottle to add to the growing pile of possibilities. Whew! Now to grab a few optional items and you’re ready to blast off for an unparalleled experience, a chance to get away from the everyday!

Welcome to Camp Tall Timbers Summer -sure to be the best summer ever!

Away From the Everyday

Sleepaway camp is an amazing and wonderful experience for any child. With the challenges and stresses of everyday life, sleep away camp provides children with an opportunity to safely explore, grow, build confidence —and make long lasting friendships. Living in a cabin with nine other people the same age encourages responsibility, builds teamwork, respect for others, and develops bonds that last a lifetime. Camp friends are friends for life.

At Camp Tall Timbers we have been providing magical summers for children for over 46 years. Magic and meaningful experiences happen when kids are learning and growing independently as well as collaboratively –each and every single day. We encourage our campers to step outside books, ipads and gaming— we want them to experience the world around them. When they unplug, they reconnect with the world in amazing ways. At Camp Tall Timbers we have a world away from the city, the stress, the traffic and the noise. Our world is comprised of swimming pool blue, pine forest green, hiking-trail brown and campfire gold,. Nature is our playground.

Our campers fuse into this environment and make it “the best”. Each summer we watch them build confidence and respect for themselves and others. We watch them test themselves by taking on new challenges, embracing the outdoors and finding laughter that echoes through the trees. Our professional staff safely guide and encourage campers to embrace new challenges, develop and expand skills and make it fun all along the way. We love building confidence and smiles.

We are an award winning nationally accredited camp. We provide 120 acres of activities and adventures–swimming, tennis, soccer, horseback riding, zip lining, kayaking, arts and crafts, biking, hiking, golf and so much more. While we want our campers to have fun and get silly –we take our job, caring for them, very seriously. Our counselors are well screened, trained, qualified and experienced professionals, including teachers, coaches and college students. We have onsite nurses and nearby doctors.

Magic happens here. Away From the Everyday.

National Get Outdoors Day Giveaway

Saturday, June 9th is National Get Outdoors Day and we are giving away a free week of camp!

The statistics are alarming.  Today’s American kids are:

  • Less connected to the outdoors than any previous generation.
  • Spend 6.5 hours a day spent watching screens.
  • Six times more likely to play a computer game than ride a bike.
  • Four times more likely to be obese than the previous generation.

What’s one remedy?  Spending more time outdoors which leads to:

More physical activity.  Americans have a growing problem that can be addressed with more physical activity – an increase in the percentage of Americans who are overweight and obese. This trend carries with it big costs – in dollars and quality of life. Some $160 billion in direct public spending. 7 in 10 deaths now attributable to largely preventable chronic illnesses – and 3 out of every 4 dollars in our healthcare spending is similarly directed at largely preventable chronic illnesses.

Less stress.  Today’s kids live in a world that is more stressed than ever before. Becoming overloaded with pressure at school, conflicts at home, relationship problems, and/or career choices.

A reduction in risky behavior. To deal with stress, today’s kids may drink or use drugs, drive aggressively, overeat, go shopping, spend hours on the computer or playing video games, or take out their frustration on others. This is why we see increased bullying, isolation, depression, obesity, eating disorders, inappropriate sexual activity, violent outbursts, cutting, intolerance and hate crimes, suicide, and many other destructive choices.


We support National Get Outdoors Day.  Here is how we are celebrating:

If you enroll May 21-June 9, you will be eligible to receive credit equal to the value of one week at Camp Tall Timbers.

This is a $1350 value! 

Anyone is allowed to enter providing you enroll for a summer session (this excludes anyone who enrolled prior to May 20, 2018).

Simply register for camp.


The drawing will take place on June 10th.  Good luck!

National Get Outdoors Day Giveaway Rules:

  1. If you are chosen as the winner you will receive one week of camp valued at $1350
  2. Anyone is allowed to enter providing you enroll for a summer session (this excludes anyone who enrolled prior to May 20, 2018).
  3. The National Get Outdoors Giveaway runs from May 21 – June 10 (11:59 pm)
  4. To enter just register your child for camp during the giveaway.
  5. A winner will be chosen from a random drawing of names.
Enroll between May 21 and June 10, 2018, and you will be entered into a random drawing to win a prize equal to one week of summer camp ($1350).
This credit may be applied to longer sessions.
Only valid for registrations between May 21 and June 10, 2018.  No cash value.


July 26- “C” Day

It’s Wednesday the 26th of July, and it is a C day. As always, we had Girl Power Hour and Boys’ League to kick us off and give everyone the chance to hang out with their friends that are not necessarily in their cabin. The day continued with creative writing with Mason Period 2. Emily Smith and Violet were deep in thought, writing away with music on in the background when I went in to check something – they seemed to have written a lot to and from what I’d heard it was good!

At the first free swim, Abi held her counsellor auction prize which, if you were here third session last year, would remember it to be a ‘Tea Party with the Queen!’. There was a sign up for The Ritz and the area was cordoned off from anyone that had not bought the prize. The campers (Cabin B of course): Ella, Ella, Nela, Carly, Taryn, Freddi, Nadine and Mayson, dressed to impress and drank their English Tea with countless Oreo’s. It looked very pleasant indeed!

In period 3 gymnastics, Taryn, Cat, Mayson, Freddie and Sofia completed a cheerleading stunt with a cradle. In lake activities Robert and Vance caught a fish and both decided to kiss it! Jay went out on a Paddle Boat with Miles and took numerous great pictures – there are a few hilarious ones that caught Ella P and John falling off their paddle board and into the lake. Unfortunately, John lost his sunglasses and was unable to find them again – duh!

Tonight, it was the seniors’ turn to go bowling! We took a school bus and a van and headed to Winchester with Brynn and Glenn this time. The snack bar was raided and the bowling alley packed with excitable CTT campers. The music machine was a hit with everyone paying their dollars to play their favourite songs, while of course competing with their friends at bowling. It was an enjoyable evening and everyone had a blast – sleeping well when they returned to camp!

The juniors played a game of Counsellor Hunt whereby Jenneka, Ashlyn, Mason, Kane and Aurelien hid around camp and had to be found. Before they found Aurelien, they were given a clue to his whereabouts, it was: ‘Ward away your evil spirits’. After a few guesses, they figured it out and found him, painted in all yellow at the initiation site!


Third Session, The Fun Continues…

Good evening from Third Session at Camp Tall Timbers! Today all the new campers arrived, and it was an exciting day for everyone. Campers were reunited with friends from previous years and began to make new friends with those who haven’t been part of the CTT family before.

We started the day with lunch followed by a short rest hour. The rest hour was spent unpacking and arranging the campers’ belongings as well as chatting away with their cabin friends. The bell then rang at 2.30pm for the afternoon activity – Clue. Joey had been murdered, found by Casey and we needed to find the culprit!
We met at the pavilion for a debrief of the situation and then each cabin went around in groups, some cabins teaming up – Cabins A and F together as well as Cabins 3 and 5, and Cabin 7 with Boys’ Tents (double trouble!). The campers had to go to several activities and try and get some clues as a reward for their hard work. We had stations at the pool, the gym mats and tennis, to name a few. Cabin 8 were the fastest team to undo a human knot at the gym mats with a score of 0.19 seconds (crazy), compared to Girls’ Tents that took just over 7 minutes.
The activity went on for a couple of hours before we were all back at the pavilion to see which team had found the clues and solved the crime!
Once the game was over we had time for free swim before our first camp dinner of this session: lasagna, calzones and garlic bread – It was a winner!
The day ended with a campfire for our introductory evening activity. Each cabin worked together to create a skit about a bear from Timber Ridge breaking in and stealing all of Bill’s food. But, there was a twist – everything had to be sung! It was a song skit, and it was highly amusing. Girls’ Tents took to the floor and did a version of ‘We are Boys’ Tents’, but ‘We are Girls’ Tents’ and presented their story of the bears being caught. Cabin F went with a Goldilocks theme with Ashlyn narrating (singing) the synopsis. It was very funny. However, Cabin A won the best skit for their performance featuring a lot of choral singing led by Dani and Sydney.
Everyone then sung a couple of songs together – Country Roads being a campfire classic and Wonderwall, before making our s’mores and heading to bed with big smiles on the campers’ faces. We can tell already that Third session will definitely be a blast!

July 5th

It’s Wednesday the 5th of July and following the celebrations yesterday, we’re back to usual and it is a C day. It was the first C day so all the campers were still adjusting to their schedules and fathoming who they had their classes with.

The day kicked off with Girl Power Hour and Boys league. Girl Power Hour concentrated on a wider topic of trust which will become more apparent to the campers as the session goes on. The girls did exercises that focused on the mind, body and attitude. There were three different activities for each focal point and all the girls worked collectively to achieve the goals together. The aim of Girl Power Hour this session is to work with all the girls to accomplish something as a group and learn how to create and solidify real friendships through trust.

Boys league was more athletically based and they played several games. The younger boys were in the Rec Hall and the older ones in the gym. From the outside, all you could hear was a lot of screaming and singing in time with the music from the speakers so one could only imagine it was a lot of fun!

Lunch came before we knew it and there wasn’t a silent camper in sight with it being Taco Tuesday and the chants of Girlside and Boyside echoing the dining hall as loud as ever. A few of the announcements included: ‘Solomon learning how to do a backwards roll in Gymnastics’ as well as ‘Xavier doing a back tuck with a spot’. There was also a shout out to Anders for trying exceptionally hard in Vollyball!

This evening was another exciting one as the whole camp headed out on a field trip to a baseball game! The game was against two local teams: the Winchester Royals and The Harrisonburg Turks. The atmosphere was great, the campers were content and the snack bar was exhausted from the countless trips to buy sodas! Joey P was fortunate enough to receive a pair of signed batting gloves while Mayson and Caley managed to also acquire a ball each, one of which was signed by most of the team – cool, huh!

Happy 4th of July

It’s the fourth of July! Happy fourth of July to all our friends and family of Camp Tall Timbers, we hope the day treated you as well as it did everyone here.

To kick off the great day of celebrations most of the campers and counsellors came to breakfast dressed ever so patriotically, it was a sea of red, white and blue wherever you turned. The flag was raised just before breakfast and the National Anthem was sung at breakfast accompanied by a standing ovation. Bill, our ever so friendly Kitchen Supervisor, took to the middle of the floor to deliver a version of ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ much to everyone’s entertainment.

The activities were running as usual and lunchtime featured an array of announcements: ‘Bubba Harr for catching 7 fish in Lake Activities’ – the most that anyone has caught this summer so far! ‘Ella Stamera for climbing up the rock wall in 32 seconds’ and ‘Jake Gentin for winning the 500 game in Football’.

Dinner was slightly different today. We had a cook out and everyone sat with their cabins and out outside under the pavilion. It was fun and the food was great: BBQ chicken, hotdogs and burgers with the ever-favourable salad bar.

What followed dinner was a camp baseball game run by Joey from admin and counsellor Casey. The campers were split into two teams with counsellors and they all prepared to play their biggest game of the season at CTT. There was music in the background, 4th of July banners displayed and Phil was narrating the whole game, it was a great atmosphere to be a part of. The final score of the game was 14-6.

After the baseball game Brynn and Jenna arranged a pool party for the whole camp. Everyone was ushered down and we did competitions – best belly flop, biggest splash, best dive, to name a few. We also played water polo which was very enjoyable. Pool parties are always a winner!

To complete the day of celebrations canteen was a camp favourite: milkshakes!

First Day of Camp

The first full day at camp began with dippies to get the session started but it only featured some of boys’ side today (Girls are clearly preferring the sleepies option already). We’re sure this will change as the session goes on! At breakfast, all campers were handed their schedules for the next two weeks and were all very excited to see what each activity entailed and who they were going to be with.

Boys League and Girl Power Hour were first so all the boys headed to the baseball field and the girls to the gym. Two different activities were led for the boys – ultimate frisbee and kickball which offered the boys a chance to choose what they wanted to do within the class. It was a great success and allowed the campers in different cabins to begin integrating with one another and start to make fantastic memories.

Girls Power Hour focused on teaching the girls the way of ‘Girl Side’. They were taught a few of the songs and chants that are carried out at lunch time such as the ‘Girl side, what is your profession?’, the ‘Girl side synchronized cheer’ and the ‘Build me up buttercup’ song and movement. The returning campers were quick to lead the way with teaching the newer campers. It was a great experience for all involved!

Lunch time followed free swim after periods 1 and 2 and of course as it was Grilled Cheese Monday! It always goes down a treat!

The evening activity was a classic – Gold Rush. The camp was split into six different teams and competed to answer clues (riddles) the fastest and obtain the most amounts of gold. Some were harder than others ‘Look out for the Tiger in the Woods’ (Golf hill) and ‘Watch out for the Green Goblin’ (Spiders web) whereas others were a bit easier to understand ‘Find magic wherever you look, sit back, relax, all you need is a book’ (The radio room library). The teams had to figure out the clues and find where the gold was stashed. The first team that solved the riddle got to choose from the five piles of rocks and take it with them. The sixth team to figure the answer were left without any gold. The piles of gold were all weighted differently so it was a race to each pile to see who could get the best pick and the hopefully the heaviest amount. The winning team was the team whose gold weighed the most at the end.

What made it exciting was the magic rocks that teams could find. If a team found the blue rock they could freeze another team and take their gold and exchange it for theirs, if they believed the other teams gold weighed more. The emerald rock was the best though, if a team found this they kept it and it doubled the weight of their gold at the end so it was a great secret weapon!

Everyone had a great time solving the clues and finding the gold scattered around the camp – it really was a rush for gold! Trevor’s team came out on top (again?!). He was accompanied by: INSERT NAMES and they were the first to get their canteen before heading to bed no doubt exhausted from a fun filled first day of activities and adventures.

Spirit & Swag

It’s quiet now at Camp Tall Timbers but, if you listen very closely, the spring breeze ripples the still waters of our private lake, rustles through the trees and dances across the athletic fields, you can imagine the laughter, hear the songs and feel the energy of summer camp at its best.

Our first session is still a few weeks away. Cabins and common spaces are getting prepped, supplies are on order and a great staffing team is being finalized. The excitement is palpable as we anticipate welcoming our first campers of the summer.  Soon Camp Tall Timbers will be full of laughter and song when our campers arrive for what we know will be our best summer ever – Summer 2017!

Camp Tall Timbers has always been a magical summer place where kids thrive and grow. For almost 50 years, campers have been heading to the Blue Ridge Mountains for inspiration to get away from the everyday, try new things, challenge mind and body and make new friends. Camp Tall Timbers has many traditions cultivated over the years that make our campers part of our larger camp community.  We’re all about time-honored values: honesty, friendship, skill-building, respect, teamwork, confidence, creativity and self-discovery. Through songs and cheers, the spirit of Camp Tall Timbers can be felt in every nook and cranny of our 120 acres. Campers feel that spirit every day in all that they do, enhancing the experience and wonder of summer camp and creating fond memories they can hold on to for a lifetime.

To build community, we make announcements at every meal highlighting camper accomplishments. We cheer each other on, offering encouragement and support. We award Golden Feathers for each activity to recognize those campers who show particular effort, improvement or skill throughout the session. Around an evening campfire, while stars twinkle overhead and crickets chirp, we share stories, sing songs and connect with each other. The spirit of Camp Tall Timbers lives in all of us!

Announcements, announcements, announcements…visit our camp store and check out our exclusive gear and share in the fun with the Camp Tall Timbers spirit!

March Madness with Camp Tall Timbers

It’s truly March Madness, after our crazy, mixed-up winter of spring-like temperatures in January and February and then, our mid-March blast of frigid air and snow, at long last, April is almost here. Can summer and the adventure of sleepaway camp be far behind?

It is not too late to give the gift of summer sleepaway camp. Camp Tall Timbers has been serving up fun since 1970. Our family-owned co-ed camp welcomes boys and girls ages 7-16 with sessions to meet the needs of every camper. There is still time to register for what we promise will be our best summer ever! We have limited openings ranging from our one week introduction to sleepaway camp session to seven weeks for the ultimate sleepaway experience. From youngest to oldest, first-timer to old hand, we know what kids want and we deliver. Accredited by the ACA (American Camp Association) and 2017 winner of Best of Bethesda “Best Overnight Camp”, Camp Tall Timbers offers an unparalleled sleepaway experience. Inspiration, creativity and friendship await your child on our 120 acres nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located in West Virginia, Camp Tall Timbers is approximately a 2-hour drive from the Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas. Our campers are encouraged to be themselves, try something new, unplug and have fun while promoting independence, decision-making, creativity and self-discovery. Our outstanding staff, along with our facilities and amenities, create a safe and nurturing environment to make that happen.

As the second-generation owner of Camp Tall Timbers, I have grown up here and I cannot begin to describe the impact that camp has had on my life. The diversity of skills I have gained and the many great campers, counselors, staff and parents I have had the privilege to be involved with is indescribable. Life-long friendships have been forged and it is a pleasure to welcome the children of former campers, as well as first time families, to “get away from the everyday.” Make Camp Tall Timbers part of your summer – and your life. Register now for Summer 2017

Feel the love… Summer 2017

Winter has been unseasonably warm. Mild days make it easy to imagine summer is almost here. Although we just kicked off February excitement is building for Summer 2017. Registration is now underway for Camp Tall Timbers’ 47th season of award-winning, ACA accredited, co-ed summer camp fun. Enroll Here.

In your mind’s eye, you can see the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance. The sight of the mountains means nestled in the foothills lies that most magical of places – Camp Tall Timbers! Memories of sunny days, the cool waters of our private lake, campfires under the stars combined with the laughter and  smiles of our campers and staff and you know right away what makes this camp so special – it is the people! From the Director and administrative team to our amazing counselors, who challenge and encourage our campers to try new activities, new experiences and make new friends in a safe environment. Our counselors foster independence, goal setting, learning how to work and live within a team setting, improve social and interpersonal skills and how to appreciate nature’s wonders, all while removed from the electronic distractions of life outside of camp.

Of course without our campers, where would we be? Our campers, ages 7-16, make friends and memories for a lifetime as they return summer after summer. Many of our families are Camp Tall Timbers alum, giving their children the invaluable gift of overnight summer camp just as they once received from their parents.

Our camp has much to offer. We know what kids like and our many activities reflect the interests of today’s youth. We can put you in touch with other parents and campers to share their experiences. If you would prefer to meet Glenn Smith, camp owner, he is scheduling information sessions throughout the MidAtlantic region for your convenience. Not to worry, if the dates/times are not convenient you can join a virtual meet & greet too. Click here for more info.

Are you uncertain if your child is ready for overnight camp? Visit the American Camp Association website for guidelines on determining your child’s readiness for sleep away camp: or call Glenn for some insight, we’ve been at this for +45 years.

We want you to be part of our best summer ever!. Register now (link) for Camp Tall Timbers Summer 2017. See what it means to unplug and get away from the everyday!

Bring on 2017, We Are Ready!

As we turn the calendar to 2017, Camp Tall Timbers’ best summer ever is now only months away!  We still have some time before we welcome our first campers, but preparations are well underway. When our campers are not here, we use the time to refresh, renew and repair our facilities, recruit our amazing staff and reach out to families, old and new, at camp fairs throughout the DMV. We also are excited to celebrate our “Best Overnight Summer Camp” in the Best of Bethesda Readers’ Poll. Help us get the word out about our award- winning program, you can read on to hear about our plans this winter and spring.

Join us at Washington Episcopal School, 5600 Little Falls Pkwy, Bethesda, MD 20816, Saturday, January 21, 9 am-11am. We will offer games for kids, info sessions for parents and bagels for all so, bring your friends and come learn more about our summer programs for campers ages 7-16.  To register, please click here. For more info, contact

Future 2017 events include:

Jan 29 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Montgomery County Camp and Summer Fun Expo

Feb 25 & 26 11a.m. to 4 p.m. Northern Virginia Camp and Summer Fun Expo

Remember to mark your calendars for our Family Weekend, June 3-4, 2017. We invite you to spend quality family time together, unplug and enjoy camp activities for the entire family. For more information, click here.

When camp is not in session, we work tirelessly to improve our facilities and keep our programs relevant. We also make our space available to outside groups. What makes our location an idyllic venue to get away from the every day for our campers, also makes Camp Tall Timbers an ideal location for your next group event. Our facilities are available for rental for corporate retreats, sports team training or family celebrations, including weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, private parties and family reunions. We can accommodate groups ranging from 50 to 200 people. Whether you stay a day, a weekend or longer, you will have exclusive use of our stunning 120 acre lakefront property nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We offer indoor and outdoor options, so no matter what the weather, our staff is on hand to meet the needs of your group. We offer flexibility when it comes to programs, menus, activities and more. For more information and availability on our programs, click here.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. Enrollment is now open for Summer 2017. Register now for what is sure to be our best summer ever!

Best Overnight Summer Camp

It is with great pleasure, immense gratitude and immeasurable pride, that we announce Camp Tall Timbers was voted “Best Overnight Summer Camp” in the Best of Bethesda Readers’ Poll.  Thank you to our amazing community of parents and campers, past and present, who believe in what Camp Tall Timbers is – a special place where we have been serving up fun and rewarding camp experiences for over 45 years. A place where campers are encouraged to be themselves, try something new, unplug and have fun! 

Indeed many of you have recognized us for all that we have been.  Still, we continue to make positive changes and modernize, including most recently our new brand. We have launched our new website with even more information to share, pictures of activities, and testimonials from our campers and counselors who year after year make Camp Tall Timbers a place unlike any other. 

Experiences had at camp are unique and invaluable. We’ll be spending more time in the community showing just how transformative our camp really is and why campers, year after year, love to call Camp Tall Timbers their home away from home.  If you know someone interested in learning more about our Camp Tall Timbers program- please let family and friends know we will be at the Washington Episcopal School on January 21 @ 9 amlink here for more info. Hope to see you there.

It is hard to believe the holidays are here. If you are still contemplating that perfect gift for your child or grandchild, think Camp Tall Timbers Summer 2017, we would love to be a part of your holiday celebrations!  To our families and friends, wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season.



Thankful & Thriving

Many families this week will gather around the Thanksgiving table to share thanks and appreciation. Most of us will pause to reflect on the value of spending quality time together and sharing memories of those we miss. Families have become overwhelmed by the hectic rush of our daily routines, spending time together bowling, playing games or just “hanging out” has become harder to achieve in the busy lives we lead.

Leisure is an important part of family life. Many families struggle to focus on, or participate in, family leisure activities. Renowned sociologists, Zabriskie and McCormick, reasoned in their 2001 research that taking away the stressors of everyday life and, creating an opportunity to share time together, is important and, during the holiday season, deeply ingrained. This is especially important as the political climate shifts, the holidays approach and the season of gift giving begins. We like to think though, there are many times throughout the year that families can find quality time to bond and be together.

Camp Tall Timbers Family Weekend is a chance for families to unplug and spend time with each other, enjoying the fresh air and running free after a winter spent indoors. We have exciting and fun activities for the entire family including canoeing on our private lake, challenge courses, archery and much more. The Camp Tall Timbers Family Weekend is a chance to create precious memories that will last far beyond one weekend, and give you and your family one more thing to be thankful for. We are excited to announce our Family Weekend scheduled for June 3-4, 2017. Enrollment is open and we hope you will join us. Learn more information and register here.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our current and prospective families a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for sharing over 45 summers with our Camp Tall Timbers community. Planning for Summer 2017 is well underway and we promise it will be the best summer ever!




Orthner, D. K., & Mancini, J. A. (1991). “Benefits of leisure for family bonding.” In B. L. Driver, P. J. Brown, & G. L. Peterson (Eds.), “Benefits of leisure.” 215-301. State College, PA: Venture.


Zabriskie, Ramon B. and Bryan P. McCormick. ( 2001). “The Influences of Family Leisure Patterns on Perceptions of Family Functioning.” Family Relations, 50.3, 281-289.

Summer 2017- Away from the Everyday

Imagine endless summer days, tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now, imagine the freedom to choose the activities you want to do. The possibilities are unlimited. A swim in the lake? Horseback riding? Scaling the climbing wall? That’s what Camp Tall Timbers is all about. It’s a place for athletics, social time, creative arts and drama. It’s a place to make friends, to try new things. At Camp Tall Timbers we believe camp is about meeting new challenges, making new friends and having fun.

Our philosophy is deeply infused in all that we do. We know what kids want. Since our founding in 1970, we strive to:

Improve and develop social and interpersonal skills

Promote campers’ self-esteem

Help campers appreciate nature’s wonders

Allow campers to experience working and living as a team

Give campers an environment to expand their independence

Provide the opportunity for campers to set goals, learn new skills and challenge themselves

Help campers make one new friend a day

There are many overnight camps to choose from but Camp Tall Timbers is a special place. We offer an incredible array of activities that reflect the interests of today’s young people,  but what Camp Tall Timbers is really about is time-honored values — honesty, friendship, skill-building, respect, teamwork, confidence, creativity, and self discovery. For over 45 years, our campers have returned to us summer after summer. Former campers, now parents themselves, entrust their children to us. Our campers build a community and learn to be responsible for themselves as well as their fellow campers. They learn to prioritize and make decisions about how they will spend their days, choosing the activities they want. We foster independence every step of the way. Most importantly, we do this without the distraction of cell phones, video games or TV. Our campers have the opportunity to nurture their social skills and make deep, long-lasting friendships. The self-confidence in their ability to meet challenges, take responsibility and become independent thinkers gives them skills to be successful as they age out of camp and become successful adults.

Join us for the 47th season at our award-winning camp. Registration is open for Summer 2017. Camp Tall Timbers allows our campers to unplug and get away from the everyday.

Happy Campers – all year long!

As we transition from another great summer at Camp Tall Timbers, our campers have headed back to school. Daily routines are driven by grades and academic achievement while days filled with water sports, outdoor activities and “hang outs” with friends are pleasant memories from a summer spent away from the everyday.

Fall has begun at Camp Tall Timbers. Leaves are changing color, cooler air rushes in and the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains are easier to spot across the horizon. Though our campers are gone, our camp is still full of energy as the opportunity for new experiences unfold.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year for weddings, school programs, and other special occasions where participants want to get unplugged and connected to the outdoors. We have shared many happy memories with brides and grooms and special groups over the years.

Our camp is an ideal setting for specialized programs. Our facilities can accommodate schools, religious retreats, science camps, sports training, corporate events, and other programs. The environment promotes team building, collaborative learning and other group objectives. Our groups have exclusive use of our 120 private acre facility. Our modern cabins are equipped with full electricity, bathrooms and showers. Our naturally wooded setting is a short drive from the DMV.

Camp Tall Timbers features great trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding and access to our own private lake. Our modern facilities support an active agenda, including a mountain board course, baseball diamond, 6-hole putting green and driving range, gymnasium with weight room, riding stables, zip line, climbing wall, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, roller hockey facilities, athletic field with uprights, riflery range, art studio, performance stage and so much more!

For those planning social events, school programs, religious retreats, corporate training and/or team building/collaborative learning initiatives, we are committed to making your participants “Happy Campers”.  We are excited to be venturing into our fall and spring season when we offer specialized programs and group rentals. For more information contact Glenn about programs before June 5 and after August 19, 2017.

Just to mention, as we plan some exciting milestone events, Jerry Smith, Founder of Camp Tall Timbers, just celebrated his 90th birthday. His vision for Camp Tall Timbers has had a positive impact on so many lives throughout the years. Happy Birthday Jerry!

Camp Tall Timbers – Simply the Best!

As Summer 2016 comes to a close, we want to reflect on what makes Camp Tall Timbers the best place to go each summer and get away from the everyday.

0076_TallT 0080_TallT Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.38.24 AM

Every season, we have committed to providing a memorable experience for our campers. Our beautiful natural setting in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a place where everyone can relax, unplug and make friendships that last a lifetime. Our 120 scenic acres allows our campers to connect with nature. From swimming in our lake to campfires under a blanket of stars, Camp Tall Timbers transports our campers away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life to a more serene, natural environment so they can experience and enjoy the outdoors. They build personal connections that create a sense of community. We are an extended family where we care about and support each other. Creating a warm, engaging and safe place where campers feel comfortable, they feel confident to take risks and try an activity that is challenging or new, increasing self-confidence while enhancing individual talents.

Camp Tall Timbers fosters independence from our youngest to oldest. There is structure to a typical camp day but, within that structure, there is plenty of opportunity to make decisions. Our campers choose from many different activities and decide how they want to spend their time. Our counselors encourage campers to explore and grow, mastering new skills and improving old ones.

As the owner of the camp, it gives me great pleasure to follow our campers over the years and see the paths they’ve taken: athletes that have had successful professions, shy campers that are now public figures, carefree teens that are now prominent medical experts and couples who met at camp and are now married with families of their own. There is great satisfaction as the next generation of ownership welcomes the next generation of campers.

We have not strayed far from the core values established by my father, Jerry Smith. I share his philosophy for camp to be a place where we work to form a community of people with a like minded goal of having a good time but never at the expense of others. We foster sportsmanship, respect for each other and a community that helps one another. Camp should be structured yet free for campers to self motivate their program selections. Camp Tall Timbers for more than 46 years a kid oasis, away from the everyday has been our mission and still continues.

Summer 2016 season has left its lasting memories but already, we have begun planning for Summer 2017! Enrollment for our 47th season opens soon. We look forward to welcoming you back for what is sure to be the BEST summer ever!

Speaking of Best, the Best of Bethesda Readers’ Poll is open. Please vote Camp Tall Timbers for “Best Summer Camp (Overnight)” here and thank you for your support.

Monday, August 15

Hi everyone! Olivia and Catie made it to the top of the climbing wall! Hailey and Hailee both shot bullseyes in archery. Kevin mountain biked to the top of the lake hill. Yesterday was a letter writing day, so you all better be receiving letters from your campers!

Last night, our evening activity was Jive Through the Genres. At lunchtime, each cabin/tent group drew a genre out of a hat. With that genre, they had to create a dance to perform. All of the dances were pretty great, but the top two were Cabin A (90’s pop), who performed “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera, and Boys’ Tents (musicals), who did an amazing rendition of “Magic” from Pitch Perfect and “Bop to the Top” from High School Musical.

The Cabin A girls were adorable! They all popped out from behind a banner with a painted genie bottle on it. They all had their hair in high genie ponytails. Sammy really brought the attitude (no surprise there!), and they put Ellie up in a cheerleading stunt.

Boys’ Tents killed it. They were so funny. I love that they are all so into performances. They added some really cool effects; Owen was the lead on “Magic”. When he came forward to “sing”, a couple boys blew some baby powder to form a cloud. Then Oliver came forward to do the rap. Every single one of them gave it their all.

For the tie-breaker, each group was given three minutes to put together another dance. The Cabin A girls pulled a bigger stunt, and the other girls showed the tumbling they’d worked on during Cheerleading class. Boys’ Tents did the same. They threw Simon up in a basket toss, then Adin M and Simon attempted a Texas Twister (partner stunting trick). They had a ton of energy. In the end, the judges gave the win to Boys’ Tents, making it their third win in a row.

This morning, we are doing clinics! We use this time to focus on specific skills. Each camper was able to sign up for which two clinics he/she wanted to take. This time, we are offering tennis, swimming, singing, wrestling, and wilderness survival. Every camper got their first and second choices! We’ve brought someone in from Super Splashers to teach swimming technique. Our own tennis pro, Dwayne, is teaching the tennis clinics. One of our counselors, Stevie, studies music in Newcastle. She’ll be teaching the singing class. Jon, another counselor, will be at the gym mats showing the campers the correct way to wrestle. The biggest draw for these clinics is wilderness survival. It’s being taught by two Eagle Scouts and another counselor. The kids are really excited about this one.

Tonight, our evening activity is Monte Carlo Night/Counselor Auction. We’ll have the gym set up sort of like a casino. They’ll start out with some money, and they’ll try to win more. At the end of the night, the money they have left can be used to “buy a counselor”. The counselors have each offered something up for auction. Some things are actually pretty valuable, like a lesson in a certain sport. Other things are not-so-serious, like a pie in the face. One counselor is letting the kids dump a bucket of water on her head. It should be pretty comical. 

First Day.

Tuesday, 8/9/16

Good morning! Yesterday, we had our first full day of activities! The campers were able to brush up on some existing skills, like soccer, basketball, and baseball. They also got to try out some new activities such as rock climbing, horseback riding, riflery, rocketry, mountain biking, canoeing/kayaking, and cheerleading.


It was Lulu’s first time mountain boarding yesterday, and she made it down the golf hill without falling! The dance class learned over half of their dance in the first class (Dylan, Livia, Delaney, Ella, Tasha, Hailey, Reese, and Grace)! Ella made it to the top of the rock wall! Mayson perfected her round off back tuck in cheerleading! Ellie did five back handsprings in a row! Becca walked on her hands across the entire gym mat!  In archery, Anna, Sydney, and Scott G shot bullseyes!


Last night’s activity was counselor hunt. This time, the counselors planning the activity added a theme. Since a lot of the campers (and counselors) are into the new Pokémon Go! game, they had the hidden counselors dress as different Pokémon characters. The camp was divided into seven teams. Each team searched the entire camp in order to “catch ’em all”. When a counselor was found, they handed the team a Pokémon card with his/her character on it. India’s team was the fastest to collect all the Pokémon cards!


Welcome 3rd Session

Monday, 8/8/16

Hi there! My name is Brynn, and I’ll be updating you on what your kiddos will be up to for the next two weeks! Yesterday, we welcomed a new group of campers. This is the biggest group we’ve had this summer, and we’re more than ready for them. They’ve all brought so much positive energy, and I’m already excited for this session. After we ate lunch, the campers were able to try out tennis, swimming, and archery while they waited to make their schedules. At scheduling, they walked around to see which activities were offered and customized their days!


Last night, we had our first campfire of the session! After dinner, we all walked down the lake hill to the campfire. The kids picked up sticks for marshmallows on the way down. When we were all seated around the fire, each cabin/tent group came up with a skit! Each skit had to contain a certain prop, and everyone’s name had to be mentioned at least once. After we had seen everyone’s introduction skits, we roasted marshmallows to make s’mores. By this time, it was already 9:00 and time for the little ones to get ready for bed. The younger groups started to make their way up the hill back to their cabins.


The campers received copies of their schedules at breakfast. After cabin cleanup, the camp was split into Girl Power Hour and Boys’ Leagues. This is just a time where all the boys in camp and all the girls in camp can get together and bond. It’s nice to see the veteran campers kind of take the younger ones under their wings. It’s good for the little ones to have positive examples to look up to. Tonight, we are doing a counselor hunt as our evening activity! I’ll write you all tomorrow to let you know how that goes! 

Go for the Gold!

As the US Teams head “for the Gold”… so will campers for our upcoming Open House. This is a “golden” opportunity to learn more about Camp Tall Timbers and meet prospective and current campers.

One of the best ways to find out if a camp is the right fit for your child is to attend a camp open house. It’s an excellent way to experience the camp in action and feel the spirit, a winning combination. Together with your child, you will be able to explore the camp, see the facilities and meet the staff.

Some questions and discussion items to consider when attending a camp Open House:

  1. What are activities the camp offers?
  2. What sessions the camp offers?
  3. What does a typical daily schedule look like? Ask how much freedom a child has to choose activities.
  4. Does the camp have either a pool or lake (or both) for water activities or life guard training for older campers?
  5. What is the camp’s philosophy? Is it one you’re comfortable with as a parent? Is it a good match for your child?
  6. Ask the director how long they have been operating and what licenses they have. If the camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), you can be assured the camp has satisfied the organization’s more than 300 standards on health, safety, facilities, programs and staffing.
  7. How does the camp recruit, screen and train its staff?
  8. Other considerations that relate to your child and their interests: rainy day activities, field trips, tournaments and special programs.

Camp Tall Timbers is excited about their Open House Sunday, August 14th. Come visit and discover what it means to “get away from the everyday” – see you there for a day of FUN!

Register Here or to learn more info.

Harry Potter Day!!

Sunday, 7/24/16

Yesterday, our Saturday Activity was Harry Potter Day! As everyone was entering breakfast, Ben stood outside with The Sorting Hat. He sorted each camper and counselor into a house (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin). They ate breakfast with others from the same house. After breakfast, they were able to change into their house colors. I want to give a shout-out to the four counselors that worked so hard to plan this activity. Jenna (Sybil Trelawney), Sam (Delores Umbridge), Ben (Severus Snape), and Jon (Remus Lupin). Of course, we had others dressed as Professor McGonnagall (Susie), Voldemort (Joey), Moaning Myrtle (Brynn), and Hagrid (Forrest).

Girls’ Tents led a touching ceremony centered around family. They read quotes, told stories, and played songs that were family-themed. Noah, Tre, and John each got up to share a poem or thought about family.

There were four vases in the pavilion, one for each house. The counselors that organized the day added/took away points (marbles) as the day went on. Delores Umbridge was, of course, very strict; she took away house points during Silent Lunch.

The first event of the day was quiddich on the soccer fields. Ten players on each team were given brooms to “fly” on. The chasers’ goal was to throw a ball through the hoops that were hanging on the soccer goals. The keepers were able to block these throws. Counselors stood on the side of the field, throwing bludgers (dodgeballs). The beaters were able to guard their teammates by hitting them away. The seeker’s goal was to catch the golden snitch (which happened to be one of our counselors, Jenna, who was painted yellow with glitter). Gryffindor won the quiddich tournament; Hufflepuff took second, followed by Slytherin and Ravenclaw.

After Silent Lunch, we had rest hour. Four senior members from each team had to sneak out of their cabins and retrieve a book from the forbidden section of the library. They were to then bring it back to Professor McGonnagall. Each book was worth a different amount of points, depending on how hard they were to find.

In the afternoon, there were three big activities planned. Each team had to save a CIT from the Black Lake. The CIT’s were floating in the middle of the lake (with lifejackets, of course). The teams had to row out to them and hoist them into their canoe to bring them back.

For the Wizard/Witch Duel one person from each team stepped up. They stood back-to-back with water balloons in hand. They paced heel-to-toe to the hula-hoops placed about six paces away. When they stepped into the hoop, they were able to turn around and throw the balloon at the other wizard/witch. The other wizard/witch was able to dodge the balloon, as long as they remained inside the hoop.

The third station in the afternoon was The Whomping Willow. Ben stood in the middle of the pool with a pool noodles in each hand. He swatted all around. Two swimmers at a time tried to retrieve spoons, which were underneath the “tree”. If a swimmer was hit by the willow, they had to drop the spoon and switch out with another teammate.

The last activity was taking down Voldemort. In order to kill him, they pelted him with spells (water balloons). The kiddos also wanted to throw them at Delores Umbridge, because she was also horrible. (The things we do to entertain the kids…)

The winners were announced at dinner: GRYFFINDOR

Last night, we went to see the Winchester Royals play baseball. The camper and counselors got to have concessions, and they watched the game. Some of the campers (and administration) bought some Royals apparel. Robert B even won one of the raffles! It was a fun ride home for all involved. On the bus, the campers and counselors sang a bunch of songs. I know that the van rides were a lot of fun too. I had the tent girls, Charlotte, and Ella S in my van. Loudest. Singers. Ever. By the time we returned to camp, it was already time for all to be in bed.

Session 2- the fun begins…

Hello parents, friends, and family of second session campers! I’m Brynn, and I’ll be updating you this summer on what your campers will be up to! I’m from right around Chicago. This is my second summer here at Camp Tall Timbers. I’ll be posting what evening activities we will do, as well as announcing some of the accomplishments the campers will make.

On July 17th, our second session campers arrived! It was nice to see so many returning campers.

Campers have chosen their activities and we are having a blast!

The first day of activities was a lot of fun! In tennis, Freddi beat Noah in the game of Jail. Ella S won Around the World in horses with a time of 5 seconds! In drama class, Hugh had the most dramatic death scene. In her swimming class, Candy had the best front stroke.

A few nights ago, we played a giant game of Cops and Robbers! The camp was divided into teams of robbers. There were a ton of stations set up all around camp. We had counselors set up at basketball, soccer, archery, volleyball, the pool, the gym mats, and the rec hall. At each station, the teams had to complete activities in order to receive a balloon. They then had to avoid the cops (CIT’s: Ethan, Ian, Aiden and Tre) and get the balloon into the safe zone.

The winning team was Ben, Brynn, Ellie, Ella P, Taryn, Noah, Spencer, Nastya, and Robert C.

Today, we have another day of activities. It’s our first “B” day, so everyone is going to new activities! So far, Hugh shot two bullseyes in archery.

Tonight, our evening activity is Gold Rush! One of the counselors, David, has it all set up. We’re excited to see the outcome! More tomorrow!