Bunk Living - Camp Tall Timbers

The heart of the camp experience

The bunk is where campers build relationships, learn teamwork, responsibility, and experience the freedom of living away from home. Cabin Nights are a weekly Camp Tall Timbers tradition, giving campers special time to really bond with each other and their counselors.

Our campers live in comfortable, modern cabins with full electricity, showers and toilet facilities. Campers have ample room to store all their belongings on shelves right in the cabin, free from the clutter of trunks or luggage. In each group, we have approximately 8 campers and a minimum of 2 senior counselors. Cabin counselors eat, sleep and interact with their campers, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and fun.

Older campers (having completed the 8th grade) have the option of sleeping in our 14’ X 16’ tent platforms equipped with electricity and central shower houses.

“I made lifelong friends at Camp Tall Timbers– people I still talk to today, almost 40 years later. When my son was old enough to go to camp, it never occurred to me to send him anywhere else. Summer camp creates memories and friendships that last a lifetime. I still smile when I look at my camp pictures.”
-- Stephanie Adler Calliott, proud camper and counselor