CIT Camper Program (Grade 10)

Thank you for your interest in our CIT program for rising 11th Graders.
Come spend some time this summer at Camp Tall Timbers and continue the camp experience in leadership and gain the knowledge needed to become a CTT staff member.
Below are some of your responsibilities. As a CIT you will…

  • meet as a group with the CIT director once per schedule cycle to review the staff handbook and discuss the roles of a counselor.
  • be expected to assist in teaching activity for one period a day. We recommend you choose an activity in which you are already skilled. This will give you experience and prepare you to instruct the activity the following summer.
  • be assigned to one of the youngest cabin groups, and you will be allocated times to help with this cabin – e.g. bedtimes, cabin nights, evening activity. This will give you the opportunity to understand what being a cabin counselor is like.
  • assist as a group in some evening and day program planning – this might be to organize an evening activity such as Monte Carlo Night, or a Saturday all camp program.
  • be in a CIT group and may undertake a physical project in camp.
  • have a night out with a member of the camp administrative team. We will take you out for dinner courtesy of Camp Tall Timbers, and a movie or other activity.
  • have a curfew of 11 pm, in order to enjoy some free time after the campers are asleep.

In preparation for camp, we highly recommend our CITs take the Red Cross Lifeguarding course and become certified before the summer.

To become a CIT register now for a camp session.