A Drive Away from the Everyday at Camp Tall Timbers Summer Camp


Located in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, Camp Tall Timbers summer camp provides a summer getaway where boys and girls ages 7-16 can come to unwind, enjoy the great outdoors, and make new friends along the way. Our camp experience promotes independence, socialization, skill-building, confidence, creativity, and self-discovery in a safe and nurturing environment. We are proud of the fact that families across the country entrust us to take care of their children and provide them with this experience. We work hard to have a national presence, but we are especially proud to have become a top summer destination for campers from Mid-Atlantic states. Exploring A drive away from the everyday, we wanted to take a look at a few of the benefits that families in the region stand to gain from sending their kids to a sleep away camp near home. 

Easy access grants peace of mind 

Camp Tall Timbers is a convenient drive from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Dulles Airport. Our convenient location makes camp a breeze to get to and that accessibility is a major benefit for our families on many levels. For starters, it cuts down on drive time making the trip to and from camp each year as easy as possible on our campers— with a scenic drive along the way to boot! We also find that our accessibility gives our campers and families the peace of mind to be able to enjoy a worry-free summer. One of the greatest benefits sleep away camp provides is the restored sense of independence that it instills in a young child being away from home. Becoming more independent is an extremely important part of every child’s life journey. As liberating as it is to be off on their own for the summer, it can be stressful for younger children at the same time. At Camp Tall Timbers, we provide our Mid-Atlantic campers with a taste of true independence without having them feel like they are completely out on their own. In the case of an emergency, campers and parents could still be together within a few hours drive— Not that we ever anticipate emergency situations, but then again who does. It is a fine line to tow, but the goal is to let the campers feel like they are off on their own in the camp bubble, while also knowing that there is a safety net to fall back on should an issue arise. Our central location gives Camp Tall Timbers the perfect happy medium of the two, so that parents and campers in the DMV and greater Mid-Atlantic region can enjoy their summers apart without worry. Our location is also great for the pocketbook compared to the travel costs some families run into when forced to use planes, trains, and buses to get their children to their final destination. Being a drive away saves money getting to and from camp at the bookends of each session, plus additional trips for family weekends or other parental visits. 

Friendships that last 

Camp Tall Timbers summer camp is also not just about any one camper; it is a social experience. Camp provides kids with chances to make new friendships that can last a lifetime, and we think those bonds are even stronger when we are able to pull campers from such similar areas around the Mid-Atlantic. Campers from the same areas arrive on day 1 already sharing common-ground, and these shared experiences make it easier to bond and form friendships. For some, it could be a love of the same sports team. For others, long days and weekend trips spent at their favorite destinations like Hershey Park or Shenandoah Valley. Even down to a shared love for cracking crabs and spending time out on the Chesapeake, we see every summer how these little connections can go a long way building social relationships between campers. 

We care about our campers, and we want their camp connections to be meaningful. The best friendships are the ones that carry on even after the sessions have ended, which is why it is such a big plus for our campers when they make friends who are from the same areas as they are. It allows them to be together year-round, linking up in the winter and spring months for fun events like camp reunions, weekend trips, and birthday parties. Even after their time at Camp Tall Timbers comes to an end, we still see our campers staying in touch and finding ways to meet up with other camp alums in their area.  

Nestled in the scenic heart of Hampshire County, Camp Tall Timbers provides our camp families with an accessible drive away from the everyday. If you are a parent in the Mid-Atlantic region looking for a sleepaway camp that near by, where your child can make lasting memories and lifelong friendships, look no further than Camp Tall Timbers. Visit our Summer Sessions page to learn more about our rates and dates for this upcoming summer. 


Don’t Sleep on Sleep Away Camp


For many who attend, overnight summer camps are an unforgettable experience full of personal growth and lasting memories. Activities from zip lining to rock climbing give the kids a unique opportunity to branch out from their comfort zones, while the bunk lifestyle brings campers together to forge lasting friendships. Many parents don’t realize that registration is already open, with spots filling up fast. While we do encourage our parents to sign up before rates increase, we also understand that some families need more information to know if sleep away camp is the right fit for their children. 

How Overnight Summer Camp Can Help Your Child 

It’s not all just fun and games. Dr. Peter Scales received his PhD in Child and Family Studies in 1976 from the University of Syracuse. Since then, he has distinguished himself as an author, educator, and field expert when it comes to developmental psychology. According to the American Camp Association, Dr. Scales believes that “camps are one of the few institutions where young people can experience and satisfy their need for physical activity, creative expression and true participation in a community environment. [They] help young people discover and explore their talents, interests, and values. Most schools don’t satisfy all these needs. Kids who have had these kinds of experiences end up being healthier and have less problems”. Some of the obvious reasons why camp supports these developmental needs— which are not fully satisfied by the current educational system— include fresh air, increased exercise, and an emphasis on personal interactions rather than technology and screen time. Additionally, the structured days are designed to balance routine activities with free time blocks, which teaches campers about effective time management. Children who acquire all these things through progressive experience will be better prepared for adulthood and are shown to be healthier overall. Family therapist Dr. Michael Popkin has also commented on the importance of sleep away camps for kids, stating that one of overnight summer camp’s greatest benefits is that it empowers young people to find and cultivate their interests, values, and talents. It comes at no surprise that children are more prepared for adult life based on their camp experiences. Sleep away camp shows campers how to take care of themselves and manage their lives independently from their parents early on, compared to some other kids who do not learn to be self-sufficient until much later on in life. Not only does camp teach children these life skills, but it also builds their confidence in their abilities through experiential learning. 

Camp Tall Timbers Adapts with the Times 

Clearly there are plenty of developmental benefits to sleep away camp, however the COVID 19 pandemic has forced many families to question if the benefits outweigh the risks. Camp Tall Timbers has the solution! In the summer of 2021, we were one of the few overnight summer camps to welcome campers without a single case of COVID-19. Our Director, Glenn Smith, created a safe bubble environment by implementing thorough safety precautions designed to protect Camp Tall Timbers’ campers, staff, and families. You can see a full rundown of Glenn’s COVID Safety Plan here. These precautionary steps allowed us to run sessions that were safe without sacrificing any of the authenticity that make camp so special. We are thrilled that the 2021 summer sessions were so well received, and we can’t wait to build on that success for an even better experience in 2022!

Onward and Forward!

Do you want to learn more about how your child could have this experience? Looking ahead, Camp Tall Timbers is running bigger and better sessions in 2022, while still focusing on safety as a top priority. As part of that mission, the Tall Timbers family wants everyone interested to be able to have a taste of the camp experience for themselves, right from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Sign up today to partake in our virtual open house and see if overnight summer camp is the right choice for your happy camper.

Feel the love… Summer 2017

Winter has been unseasonably warm. Mild days make it easy to imagine summer is almost here. Although we just kicked off February excitement is building for Summer 2017. Registration is now underway for Camp Tall Timbers’ 47th season of award-winning, ACA accredited, co-ed summer camp fun. Enroll Here.

In your mind’s eye, you can see the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance. The sight of the mountains means nestled in the foothills lies that most magical of places – Camp Tall Timbers! Memories of sunny days, the cool waters of our private lake, campfires under the stars combined with the laughter and  smiles of our campers and staff and you know right away what makes this camp so special – it is the people! From the Director and administrative team to our amazing counselors, who challenge and encourage our campers to try new activities, new experiences and make new friends in a safe environment. Our counselors foster independence, goal setting, learning how to work and live within a team setting, improve social and interpersonal skills and how to appreciate nature’s wonders, all while removed from the electronic distractions of life outside of camp.

Of course without our campers, where would we be? Our campers, ages 7-16, make friends and memories for a lifetime as they return summer after summer. Many of our families are Camp Tall Timbers alum, giving their children the invaluable gift of overnight summer camp just as they once received from their parents.

Our camp has much to offer. We know what kids like and our many activities reflect the interests of today’s youth. We can put you in touch with other parents and campers to share their experiences. If you would prefer to meet Glenn Smith, camp owner, he is scheduling information sessions throughout the MidAtlantic region for your convenience. Not to worry, if the dates/times are not convenient you can join a virtual meet & greet too. Click here for more info.

Are you uncertain if your child is ready for overnight camp? Visit the American Camp Association website for guidelines on determining your child’s readiness for sleep away camp: https://www.camptalltimbers.com/2016/07/19/value-visit-child-ready-sleep-away-camp/ or call Glenn for some insight, we’ve been at this for +45 years.

We want you to be part of our best summer ever!. Register now (link) for Camp Tall Timbers Summer 2017. See what it means to unplug and get away from the everyday!

Bring on 2017, We Are Ready!

As we turn the calendar to 2017, Camp Tall Timbers’ best summer ever is now only months away!  We still have some time before we welcome our first campers, but preparations are well underway. When our campers are not here, we use the time to refresh, renew and repair our facilities, recruit our amazing staff and reach out to families, old and new, at camp fairs throughout the DMV. We also are excited to celebrate our “Best Overnight Summer Camp” in the Best of Bethesda Readers’ Poll. Help us get the word out about our award- winning program, you can read on to hear about our plans this winter and spring.

Join us at Washington Episcopal School, 5600 Little Falls Pkwy, Bethesda, MD 20816, Saturday, January 21, 9 am-11am. We will offer games for kids, info sessions for parents and bagels for all so, bring your friends and come learn more about our summer programs for campers ages 7-16.  To register, please click here. For more info, contact glenn@camptalltimers.com

Future 2017 events include:

Jan 29 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Montgomery County Camp and Summer Fun Expo

Feb 25 & 26 11a.m. to 4 p.m. Northern Virginia Camp and Summer Fun Expo

Remember to mark your calendars for our Family Weekend, June 3-4, 2017. We invite you to spend quality family time together, unplug and enjoy camp activities for the entire family. For more information, click here.

When camp is not in session, we work tirelessly to improve our facilities and keep our programs relevant. We also make our space available to outside groups. What makes our location an idyllic venue to get away from the every day for our campers, also makes Camp Tall Timbers an ideal location for your next group event. Our facilities are available for rental for corporate retreats, sports team training or family celebrations, including weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, private parties and family reunions. We can accommodate groups ranging from 50 to 200 people. Whether you stay a day, a weekend or longer, you will have exclusive use of our stunning 120 acre lakefront property nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We offer indoor and outdoor options, so no matter what the weather, our staff is on hand to meet the needs of your group. We offer flexibility when it comes to programs, menus, activities and more. For more information and availability on our programs, click here.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. Enrollment is now open for Summer 2017. Register now for what is sure to be our best summer ever!

Best Overnight Summer Camp

It is with great pleasure, immense gratitude and immeasurable pride, that we announce Camp Tall Timbers was voted “Best Overnight Summer Camp” in the Best of Bethesda Readers’ Poll.  Thank you to our amazing community of parents and campers, past and present, who believe in what Camp Tall Timbers is – a special place where we have been serving up fun and rewarding camp experiences for over 45 years. A place where campers are encouraged to be themselves, try something new, unplug and have fun! 

Indeed many of you have recognized us for all that we have been.  Still, we continue to make positive changes and modernize, including most recently our new brand. We have launched our new website with even more information to share, pictures of activities, and testimonials from our campers and counselors who year after year make Camp Tall Timbers a place unlike any other. 

Experiences had at camp are unique and invaluable. We’ll be spending more time in the community showing just how transformative our camp really is and why campers, year after year, love to call Camp Tall Timbers their home away from home.  If you know someone interested in learning more about our Camp Tall Timbers program- please let family and friends know we will be at the Washington Episcopal School on January 21 @ 9 amlink here for more info. Hope to see you there.

It is hard to believe the holidays are here. If you are still contemplating that perfect gift for your child or grandchild, think Camp Tall Timbers Summer 2017, we would love to be a part of your holiday celebrations!  To our families and friends, wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season.



Summer 2017- Away from the Everyday

Imagine endless summer days, tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now, imagine the freedom to choose the activities you want to do. The possibilities are unlimited. A swim in the lake? Horseback riding? Scaling the climbing wall? That’s what Camp Tall Timbers is all about. It’s a place for athletics, social time, creative arts and drama. It’s a place to make friends, to try new things. At Camp Tall Timbers we believe camp is about meeting new challenges, making new friends and having fun.

Our philosophy is deeply infused in all that we do. We know what kids want. Since our founding in 1970, we strive to:

Improve and develop social and interpersonal skills

Promote campers’ self-esteem

Help campers appreciate nature’s wonders

Allow campers to experience working and living as a team

Give campers an environment to expand their independence

Provide the opportunity for campers to set goals, learn new skills and challenge themselves

Help campers make one new friend a day

There are many overnight camps to choose from but Camp Tall Timbers is a special place. We offer an incredible array of activities that reflect the interests of today’s young people,  but what Camp Tall Timbers is really about is time-honored values — honesty, friendship, skill-building, respect, teamwork, confidence, creativity, and self discovery. For over 45 years, our campers have returned to us summer after summer. Former campers, now parents themselves, entrust their children to us. Our campers build a community and learn to be responsible for themselves as well as their fellow campers. They learn to prioritize and make decisions about how they will spend their days, choosing the activities they want. We foster independence every step of the way. Most importantly, we do this without the distraction of cell phones, video games or TV. Our campers have the opportunity to nurture their social skills and make deep, long-lasting friendships. The self-confidence in their ability to meet challenges, take responsibility and become independent thinkers gives them skills to be successful as they age out of camp and become successful adults.

Join us for the 47th season at our award-winning camp. Registration is open for Summer 2017. Camp Tall Timbers allows our campers to unplug and get away from the everyday.