COVID-19 Safety Precautions - Camp Tall Timbers

Summer 2021


Camp Tall Timbers will continue its 50-year tradition of giving campers an opportunity to form friendships, improve self-confidence and experience a variety of activities as part of our programs. We have spent the past year researching, conferring with colleagues and medical professionals to develop policy and procedures for a safe and fun summer.

While camp is just months away, and there are still likely changes to come, we have designed a plan for the safety of our campers, staff and families. Note: as we continuing to gain more knowledge and guidelines from the CDC and American Camp Association.

Will 2021 be a little different?  Maybe.  Will it be fun, rewarding and follow all safety precautions?  Absolutely!  The success of the summer is predicated on all of us working together to achieve a common goal.  A great camp experience!!  Check back regularly as we fine tune and update our plan.  

Here is our motto: Be Positive, Test Negative!

Pre-Camp & Testing

You will be required to order Two Saliva Covid PCR tests through 1Health portal/link we provide you. One test must be done on the Monday or Tuesday prior to your camper’s scheduled arrival at camp.  Results will be available within 24-36 hours.  B Both parents and camp will receive the results. After your camper has been tested, we ask that your family and camper self-quarantine to ensure there is no potential exposure prior to camp arrival.  Campers will bring their unused test kit to camp with them.  Once in camp, we will administer the second test, approximately 2-4 days after arrival.  This will give us the “bubble” that we feel helps us operate camp as safely as possible.

Transportation & Arrival

In the past, Camp Tall Timbers has provided complimentary bus transportation to camp. At this time,  we do not anticipate being able to offer this service.  We will work to assign arrival times as camp approaches. Families will not be allowed in camp. 

In the past, Camp Tall Timbers has provided complimentary bus transportation to camp. At this time,  we do not anticipate being able to offer this service.  We will assign an arrival time for each family as camp approaches. We will ask you to say goodbye to your campers in the car and staff members will greet them to take campers to their cabin. Family members will need to remain in their vehicles and will not be permitted in camp.


Cabin capacity will be capped at 8 campers with  2-3 staff members to ensure proper distancing.  Air circulation will be improved with open windows and screens.

Health Screening

We will perform daily health screenings and temperature checks to ensure everyone’s safety while in camp.  With a thorough plan in place, we will have the ability to test and/or quarantine any camper or staff member with symptoms related to Covid. Medical coverage includes a Registered Nurse 24/7, and a well-equipped health center.


Our dining facilities and outside pavilion offer us more than enough space to maintain social distancing at meal time.  Tables will be placed 6 feet apart from campers, not in the same cabin/pod.  All meals will be served or plated by our kitchen.  Along with our county health inspections and certifications, we will inspect and keep a detailed cleaning log for all of the dining areas.

Pods/ Cabin Groups

Cabin groups will act as pods for activities and meals. There will be more details to share on this soon. At this time, we are planning on the morning activities being by cabin.  Campers will still have a choice in some of their activities during the day. 

The Great Outdoors & Activities

Traditionally most of our activities are conducted outside.  For a few activities that are indoors, we are planning to transition to outside areas, i.e. Arts and Crafts, we will utilize the large deck area outside the building. The good news is we have 120 acres of space to get creative with our activities! We are still working on the details for activities when outside their pod, and we may require to wear masks and social distance at that time. We will be disinfecting and cleaning between activities and in high touch areas as an added safety measure.


We have some excellent staff waiting to come to camp this summer, many were scheduled for last year.  Staff will arrive at camp several days prior to the start of camp and go through a screening process. Orientation will include reviewing all the policies and procedures necessary for a fun, rewarding and safe camp season.  Along with our regular American Camp Association health, safety and program-based orientation, additional time will be spent on the routine activity, cabin and dining hall cleaning and safety procedures.  Staff will be asked to wear a face mask with campers outside of their cabin or pod.


Summer 2021 Here We Come!

We are actively enrolling campers for all sessions. We have created a Virtual Open House Experience for families (no camp fairs or meet-ups at this time) so please feel free to share this information with friends and family. Our traditional spring programs include Family Weekends and Camp Visits- we look forward to seeing you soon!


Any questions? Please feel free to contact me.
Glenn Smith,
Director & President, Camp Tall Timbers