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Dance Through the Decades: June 29th, 2022

Last night we ended the night by time traveling through the decades of 1920s-2010s!

During lunch each cabin picked a decade randomly and had to create a dance to a song they chose from their decade. 

  • Girl’s Side
    • Cabin A: 70s (I Will Survive)
    • Cabin B: 30s (Pennies From Heaven)
    • Cabin G: 60s (I Want You Back)
    • Cabin H: 80s (Wake Me Up Before You GoGo)
    • Girl’s Tents: 20s (1920s cover of Habits)
  • Boy’s Side
    • Cabin 1: 90s (Steal my Sunshine)
    • Cabins 2 & 3: 00s (Soulja Boy)
    • Cabin 78: 10s (Sexy and I Know It)
    • Boy’s Tents: 50s (Help)

After working relentlessly through rest hour, free swim, and after dinner, each cabin was able to perform their dances for the camp and the judges, who were special guests: The Spice Girls, and Paprika! Paprika was the crowd’s favorite judge as after each dance he said, “now that was spicy,” creating super loud cheers throughout the gym!

It was a great competition ending in a tie between Girl’s Tents (Alexandria, Jordan, Lindsey, Dana, Rachel, Annabel, and Anna) and Cabin H (Kaylin, Janet, Kate, and Lea) so we had to have a tie breaker. These two groups had seven minutes to create one more dance to the song Toxic by Britney Spears in order to determine the winner. In the end Cabin H took the win and was able to get their canteen first, which was beloved milkshakes!

Again, we will be posting a GMTT of this spicy night soon!

Signing off with a Can Do Attitude 🙂

Jami Siegal

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