Jived Through the Genres!

Tuesday night we jived through the genres for our evening activity!

Each cabin/tent group was assigned a specific music genre during lunch and was tasked with creating a skit/dance including music from their specific genre, during rest hour, free swim, and after dinner.

Once the bell rang each cabin/tent group was able to perform for the camp and the judges, who were special guests: Big Time Rush! Carlos was the crowd’s favorite judge reacting to each performance with taps on his helmet, each time it was longer than one before cheering roared through the gym!

Girl’s Side:

  • Cabin B: Hiphop
  • Cabin G: EDM
  • GT Group 1: Alternative
  • GT Group 2: Metal
  • GT Group 3: Showtunes

Boy’s Side: 

  • Cabins 1 & 2: Pop
  • Cabin 3: Rock
  • Cabin 7: Country
  • Cabin 8: RnB
  • BT: Classical

It was an ambitious competition ending with Cabin 7 (Hugh, Jacob, Heath, Zach, Ryan, and David), taking home their second skit win of the session, Cabin 3 (Alexander, Thomas, Kai, Jonathan, and Ashton) in second place, and Girls Tents Group 1 (Kyra, Shawnie, Morgan, Skylar, Serena, Maura, and Grace) in third! These kids worked hard, jived through the genres, and had a laughing good time! All of us here at Camp Tall Timbers are proud of all their hard work and their commitment to fun! 

Be on the lookout for a GMTT of this jiving night coming soon! 

Signing off with a Can Do Attitude 🙂

Jami Siegal

PS. We’re having so much fun here every week during summer camp! Read about some of our favorite activities! There are many reasons why Camp Tall Timbers is the best summer camp in West Virginia, click the learn to learn a few of them today! We’ve jived through the genres this week, what will we do next? Stay tuned to find out!