Job TitleProgram Director

Responsible toCamp Director

Desired Qualifications:

Age minimum is early to mid-’20s. College Degree preferred. First Aid and CPR certifications preferred as well. Sufficient experience working with campers and leading groups & activities. An excellent role model for not only campers but also for staff. Neat and professional appearance. Agree to a criminal background check.

Additional Qualifications:

College degree in leadership, child psychology, education, family studies, special education, kinesiology, outdoor education, art education, or anything involving children and education.


At least two years working in a camp setting as a counselor.

General and specific responsibilities:

They will teach proper teaching methods to staff at all activity areas, model lesson planning, and future lessons, will oversee all evening activities, special days, special trips and rainy day activities, provide a safe and effective environment for all activity areas, work with the camp director to help with rules and regulations at activities and implementing these rules, required to give evaluations and feedback on activities and what worked and did not work, help with the discipline of campers and staff at activities, assist boys/girls head in safety and behaviors of campers and staff, interact with campers in a variety of appropriate situations, supervise daily activities and observe teaching and interactions of campers and staff.

Essential Functions:

Must possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of campers and staff, able to observe camper and counselor behavior, ability to assess the appropriateness of counselor and camper interactions & behaviors, enforce safety regulations and emergency procedures, Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to camp activity. Able to assist campers in case of an emergency. Must be able to problem-solve in a timely matter and be mentally strong.