CIT2’s host Monopoly Night!

Friday night’s evening activity was a twist on the classic game Monopoly with our CIT2’s!

Our very own CIT2’s (Sammy, Tessy, Becca, Sydney, Silvana, Mikayla (Micky), Anna, Chase, Bruno, Alex, Lawson, and Ben) planned and ran this new activity and it was an immense success and will be continued in the future!

Once the bell rang, campers were sorted into seven teams consisting of a monopoly piece: top hat, thimble, car, dog, battleship, iron, and shoe.

These pieces then moved around to different properties to partake in activities and if they were the best team overall they gained money. Another way to gain, or potentially lose, money was by being stopped by cops. They gave teams challenges to complete, such as running around the baseball bases or art shack in a particular amount of time, and if the team completed these tasks they were able to gain a chance card! However, if they were unable to complete the task they would be sent to jail and not be allowed to participate in the next station.

Properties and their Activities:

  • Reading Railroad: Red Light, Green Light
  • Boardwalk: Basketball shots from the edge of the pool
  • Marvin Gardens: Pictionary
  • Baltic Ave: Recreate the Monopoly board by memory
  • St. James Place: Trivia
  • Pacific Ave: Frisbee Golf
  • Free Parking: Name that Tune

Once all of the pieces stopped at each property they were able to pick a box in order of the team with the highest amount of money to lowest. Yet, there was a twist! Some boxes held punishments instead of prizes. These boxes consisted of dippies, cleaning a cabin, cleaning all of the tables in the dining hall, pieing the CIT2’s in the face, pushing the CIT2’s into the pool, CIT2’s serving the team lunch, and pieing admin in the face!

As the session progresses we look forward to seeing all that these CIT2’s are capable of!

Signing off with a Can Do Attitude 🙂

Jami Siegal

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