Why Choose Camp Tall Timbers?

Camp Tall Timbers has always been a magical summer place where kids thrive and grow in a community of peers. For 46 years, we’ve built a safe haven, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where kids can spread their wings and fly! While we offer an incredible array of activities that reflect the interests of today’s young people, Camp Tall Timbers is really about time-honored values — honesty, friendship, skill-building, respect, teamwork, confidence, creativity, and self discovery.

At Camp Tall Timbers, we believe that a great summer camp experience has never been more relevant than right now!

Today’s kids live in a very different world than the one their parents grew up in. The tensions and stresses of modern society put them on a much shorter leash than an earlier generation. Where their parents could play outside without supervision, ride bicycles without helmets, and come home when called in for supper, most of today’s kids have two working parents. They have mountains of homework. They are tethered to their phones and hand-held devices. They are pressured to excel in school, excel in sports, juggle extra-curricular activities and get into top colleges. Some kids experience bullying and the tyranny of social cliques.

At Camp Tall Timbers we get campers off that frantic treadmill and let them breathe! We unplug them and open their eyes to the natural world. We build community and confidence.

Our campers tell us over and over that the experiences they had at CTT and the life-long friendships they made, have helped them become the successful adults they are today. No surprise then, that so many former campers entrust their children to us every summer!

Camp Tall Timbers is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association, which has 50 years of trust behind it. To earn accreditation, we undergo a thorough review of our operations, from staff qualifications and training, to emergency management. There are more than 300 standards in all! Camp Tall Timbers and the ACA have a partnership that promotes individual growth and fun in an environment committed to safety. In addition, we take extra steps to seek counsel from the American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Red Cross, and others, to ensure quality and safety.

We are rated one of the 50 most amazing summer camps in the U.S. by Early Childhood Education Zone and by Top Education Degrees.org. We have also earned top ratings in Bethesda Magazine’s Best Overnight Camps issue.

Our Philosophy:

Camp is about meeting new challenges, making new friends and having fun. But there’s a deeply held philosophy behind the mission and a method for getting kids engaged.

We strive to:

  • Improve and develop social and interpersonal skills
  • Promote campers’ self-esteem
  • Help campers appreciate nature’s wonders
  • Allow campers to experience working and living as a team
  • Give campers an environment to expand their independence
  • Provide the opportunity for campers to set goals, learn new skills and challenge themselves
  • Help campers make one new friend a day

How do we do it?

  • Announcements are made at every meal time to highlight camper accomplishments
  • Golden Feathers for each activity are awarded to those campers who showed particular effort, improvement or skill throughout the session
  • Campers will experience Camp Fires, weekly Bunk Nights and Camp Outs every session
  • Campers live in a cabin or tent with peers and counselors where they will undertake the responsibilities of keeping the area clean and making group decisions
  • Campers will decide on their very own activities schedule and when they would like to take them
  • Campers are encouraged to learn at least one new skill while at camp, and most learn even more

Award-Winning Program

Camp Tall Timbers takes pride in being Washington Families “Best for Families Winner” Overnight Summer Camp, 2019 Top Vote Getter,  2017 Winner and 2015 Top Vote Getter for Best of Bethesda Summer Camp (Overnight).


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The best gift my parents gave my sister and me was the gift of camp. As a former camper, Camp Tall Timbers has given me lifetime friendships, self-confidence, and the ability to try new things. Sometimes I wake up and go outside to get the paper and think, “it smells like camp!” Today, as the mother of two campers, I love that they are able to try new things in a safe and controlled environment, knowing they are experiencing what I did at their age. The Smith family is the reason why we keep going back! -- Cindy Former camper, now camper parent

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