Summer Camp Adventure, oh-my!

Pirate, Cowboy, Alien, Ninja Day: The Sequel: The Robots Strike Back!

Adventure awaits at summer camp and this past Saturday was no exception.  Activities included Pirate, Cowboy, Alien, Ninja Day: The Sequel: The Robots Strike Back!

Last year was the 100th Pirate-Cowboy-Alien-Ninja Olympics, yet the robots were unhappy because they were not invited to participate and therefore, decided to launch an attack on the Olympic council headquarters demanding a place in the 2494 games! Therefore, the pirates, cowboys, aliens, and ninjas had to defend their sacred games against the robots! A summer camp adventure indeed!

To prepare for their battle against the robots they went through a series of training activities!

  • Pirate Training: Greasy Watermelon
    • Be the first team to get the greasy watermelon into the canoe!
  • Cowboy Training: Archery
    • Be the team to pop the most balloons on the targets!
  • Ninja Training: Climbing
    • Be the team with the most people to get up the climbing wall!
  • Alien Training: Code Cracking
    • Be the team to decipher the alien code in the quickest amount of time!
  • Robots Training: Maze
    • Be the team with the quickest time to find all 6 dodgeballs and move through the maze!
  • Gauntlet: Relay Race
    • Be the team to complete the relay in the fastest amount of time, which consisted of sliding down the slip-n-slide, grabbing a bucket of water, jumping over three benches, weaving through torches, throwing the bucket of water at your team leader to wash shaving cream off them, climbing under two benches, climbing across the balance beam, and returning the bucket!
  • Robothunt
    • Robots (CIT2’s) have invaded: you have 5 minutes to hide and don’t get found!

In the end, the robots short-circuited from the rain, and they were defeated. Yet, one team really outdid the others throughout training and the robot hunt and won: the Cowboys (Bruno, Sydney Seiler, Sammy Lemar, Charlie, Grayson, Jake, Archie, David, Ashton, Malcolm, Theo, Sammy Davis, Alexa, Kyra, Grace, Poppy, Chloe, and Adele)!

Stay tuned for more summer camp adventures with GMTT highlighting this fierce competition! 

Signing off with a Can-do Attitude 🙂

Jami Siegal

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