Hello Campers, Parents and Alumni

Of course, I hope that this note finds you, your family and your friends in good health.  I will not spend your valuable time telling you how to wash your hands and practice social distancing, etc.  I am sure you are doing whatever is necessary to keep yourself and others safe.

Why would I be so confident that you are doing the right things at this critical time?  Because you are a part of the Camp Tall Timbers Family.  Whether a current camper, family member, staff or alumni; you know what it is like to show compassion for others, work with a group to achieve a common goal, organize and show enthusiasm in all that you do.  You are the people that others will look up to during this critical time.   I am convinced that the foundations of your camp experience will be helpful over the next few weeks.

As far as summer camp in West Virginia goes, we are working hard to prepare for our 50th summer.  Hiring staff, making improvements, building and cleaning up.  We have worked on our activity calendar and started to gather the supplies we need to support our program.  We did a lot of painting and improvement work in the Fall so the usual wet weather of the Spring will not be a factor in our preparations.

We are closely monitoring the implications of Covid-19 and will continue to keep in touch with any updates and information should any of the events encroach on our camp schedule.

In the meantime, you, your families and everyone around you, healthy and safety should be the paramount objective at this time.  Should anyone here at Camp Tall Timbers be able to help you in any way please contact us.  I can be reached at glenn@camptalltimbers.com or via phone at 301-874-0111.


Be Safe,

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July 26- “C” Day

It’s Wednesday the 26th of July, and it is a C day. As always, we had Girl Power Hour and Boys’ League to kick us off and give everyone the chance to hang out with their friends that are not necessarily in their cabin. The day continued with creative writing with Mason Period 2. Emily Smith and Violet were deep in thought, writing away with music on in the background when I went in to check something – they seemed to have written a lot to and from what I’d heard it was good!

At the first free swim, Abi held her counsellor auction prize which, if you were here third session last year, would remember it to be a ‘Tea Party with the Queen!’. There was a sign up for The Ritz and the area was cordoned off from anyone that had not bought the prize. The campers (Cabin B of course): Ella, Ella, Nela, Carly, Taryn, Freddi, Nadine and Mayson, dressed to impress and drank their English Tea with countless Oreo’s. It looked very pleasant indeed!

In period 3 gymnastics, Taryn, Cat, Mayson, Freddie and Sofia completed a cheerleading stunt with a cradle. In lake activities Robert and Vance caught a fish and both decided to kiss it! Jay went out on a Paddle Boat with Miles and took numerous great pictures – there are a few hilarious ones that caught Ella P and John falling off their paddle board and into the lake. Unfortunately, John lost his sunglasses and was unable to find them again – duh!

Tonight, it was the seniors’ turn to go bowling! We took a school bus and a van and headed to Winchester with Brynn and Glenn this time. The snack bar was raided and the bowling alley packed with excitable CTT campers. The music machine was a hit with everyone paying their dollars to play their favourite songs, while of course competing with their friends at bowling. It was an enjoyable evening and everyone had a blast – sleeping well when they returned to camp!

The juniors played a game of Counsellor Hunt whereby Jenneka, Ashlyn, Mason, Kane and Aurelien hid around camp and had to be found. Before they found Aurelien, they were given a clue to his whereabouts, it was: ‘Ward away your evil spirits’. After a few guesses, they figured it out and found him, painted in all yellow at the initiation site!


July 5th

It’s Wednesday the 5th of July and following the celebrations yesterday, we’re back to usual and it is a C day. It was the first C day so all the campers were still adjusting to their schedules and fathoming who they had their classes with.

The day kicked off with Girl Power Hour and Boys league. Girl Power Hour concentrated on a wider topic of trust which will become more apparent to the campers as the session goes on. The girls did exercises that focused on the mind, body and attitude. There were three different activities for each focal point and all the girls worked collectively to achieve the goals together. The aim of Girl Power Hour this session is to work with all the girls to accomplish something as a group and learn how to create and solidify real friendships through trust.

Boys league was more athletically based and they played several games. The younger boys were in the Rec Hall and the older ones in the gym. From the outside, all you could hear was a lot of screaming and singing in time with the music from the speakers so one could only imagine it was a lot of fun!

Lunch came before we knew it and there wasn’t a silent camper in sight with it being Taco Tuesday and the chants of Girlside and Boyside echoing the dining hall as loud as ever. A few of the announcements included: ‘Solomon learning how to do a backwards roll in Gymnastics’ as well as ‘Xavier doing a back tuck with a spot’. There was also a shout out to Anders for trying exceptionally hard in Vollyball!

This evening was another exciting one as the whole camp headed out on a field trip to a baseball game! The game was against two local teams: the Winchester Royals and The Harrisonburg Turks. The atmosphere was great, the campers were content and the snack bar was exhausted from the countless trips to buy sodas! Joey P was fortunate enough to receive a pair of signed batting gloves while Mayson and Caley managed to also acquire a ball each, one of which was signed by most of the team – cool, huh!