Thanks for being the Best Summer Camp!

The second session of summer camp in 2022 could not have been as successful without our CIT2’s! They did an outstanding job planning activities, putting campers to bed, and keeping traditions alive! These campers have always been excited about visiting the best summer camp in West Virginia and some of them wanted to say a thank you to camp for all their years as campers. Be prepared you might shed some tears!

Tessy Schreyer

Being a camper at Camp Tall Timbers has made my summers incredible. There are many things I love about this camp, but one thing I appreciate the most are the people I have met here. Everyone is open to making new friends, and you really have the chance to get to know all types of amazing people. I have definitely met some of the funniest and most creative people here. A group I am especially grateful for is my tent group. Living with these girls and getting to know them has given me a set of amazing friendships. I have known most of these girls for years and have had the pleasure of getting closer and closer with them each summer. I surely will not forget all the late night talks and laughs we have had. I am thankful for all the experiences I have had at Camp Tall Timbers.

Chase Lissak

My 6 years at camp were some of the best times of my life. It helped me interact with so many people from different walks of life that I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet anywhere else. I learned how to be more independent and spend some time away from home. I appreciate and have so much respect for the counselors who helped make each year so fun and memorable. I will miss all of it so much but I’m so glad I took the time out of each summer to go. I believe I would not be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for camp and I’m so grateful for it.

Sammy Lemar

The biggest thank you to Camp Tall Timbers for shaping some of the most amazing friendships and for introducing me to the girls who are basically my sisters. Thank you for giving me a place to be myself with no judgment. Thank you for giving me a community of support that I know will be there forever. And finally, thank you for the memories and the laughs that I will never forget.

Lawson Sipple

I appreciate camp because I enjoy seeing all of my friends come back and making new ones. I have been going to camp for five years now, and will hopefully be coming back as a counselor. I have never been bored at camp, and Emma and Glenn do a great job running camp and try their best to make sure everyone is safe and always having fun.

Sydney Seiler

This camp makes my entire year better and I can’t imagine not coming back as a camper next year. They say that this camp allows you to get “away from the everyday” and they couldn’t be more right. When I’m here, all my everyday worries, anxieties, and fears suddenly disappear and it’s amazing. I’m trying to soak up the last few days I have here and I’m really going to miss the pure joy I feel every day at this camp. 

Becca Adlin

Camp Tall Timbers has taught me so many special things, not only that have helped me here but also in the real world. As a camper, I have met the greatest people and learned a lot about myself. There is so much I will miss about camp, but most of all I will miss spending every day with my best friends. 

Silvana Yunda

I never understood how people could get so close to each other by just being together for three weeks each year, and I used to think that I would never have a friendship like the ones in movies. Until I came to camp for a second year, and realized that is all about trusting each other and being yourself no matter what. And like these, I understood that I have created a family because even though I don’t know everyone for long everyone has made me feel like part of the best community. The worst part of getting the best friends possible here, is saying goodbye, and not knowing when you’re going to see them again, but I just know that we are forever. 

Bruno Becker

Going to summer camp has been the most important part of my summer for four years now and I’m definitely going to miss it a ton. Meeting people and living with them forms a strong bond between you, and some of the friends I’ve made at camp will continue to be my friends for the rest of our lives. Thank you to Camp Tall Timbers for providing me with the opportunity to make these wonderful friendships, to the counselors for being role models that I still look up to, and most importantly all of the amazing people I’ve met at camp. 

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