Wild West Day at Camp Tall Timbers!

Yesterday was Wild West Day! YEE-HAW!

Wild West- Camp Tall Timbers is a place filled with mystery and wonder, flat deserts and steep canyons, milk and cookies, good and bad. It is up to y’all to brave these harsh lands and win the most prestige to make the Wild West- Camp Tall Timbers your own. But be wary: you’re not the only ones roaming these lands. Bandits and thieves hide around every corner, and if you’re not careful, they may take everything you have. Best of luck cowboys and cowgirls and just remember: Rootin’ Tootin’ and Shootin’!

This camp ain’t big enough for the four of us! Campers were split into the cowboys, sheriffs, outlaws, and pioneers, and moved through activities to find out which one of them was the best.

Cross the Desert

Campers needed to cross the desert (upper fields), but can’t touch the cacti (be tagged by other campers)! Once tagged you too become a cactus until one person is left standing gaining points for their team.

Water Horse Race

Each team sent out three campers in a canoe to go out into the lake, circle the counselor in the kayak, and come back first. Best out of three won!


Each team member would shoot once at riflery and the team with the best hits on the target won.

Canyon Gorge Run

This relay race included going down the slip-n-slide, weaving through torches, going under the parachute, and crab-walking to the finish. The team with the best time won.

Wild West Dance

Each team had to create a two-minute dance to a country song during both free swims and after dinner to perform at the social.


Presentation of dances and fun dancing!

In the end, the outlaws placed first (Travis, Porter, Franklin, Dylan. James, Matthew, David, Heath, Charlotte, Ingrid, Lily, Lily, Eliza, Maddie, Molly, Claire, Sara, Leighton, Emma, Drew, Skylar, Sydney, and Ruby), followed by the pioneers, cowboys, and sheriffs.

Signing off with a Can-do Attitude 🙂

Jami Siegal